A DREAM OF MINE...............  

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A DREAM OF MINE...............

A DREAM OF MINE..............1992 by JTMRP

a dream of mine

has been that somehow
some fine day
you would be free
and you would be with me
loving me
as I love you
and at long last we would be
lovers together
what a wonderful day that would be
for between you and me
would be found
the finest love of all
a dream of mine
I,ve played it a million times
In my mind
Just the image of the two of us
together once more in the joy of our love
in a dream of mine
we are as happy as can be
and as close as any lovers ever were
as tight as two friends ever maybe
we hold each other close
and then I kiss you
as you slip away in the haze and mist
of my fading dream
but, I never cry to see you go
You were never really with me anyway
but, I was glad you came
I know someday you'll come back
and if you come to me only as a dream
and if it remains always just a dream
and if
this is a dream which may never come true
I will be thankful and happy
Just the same that you came
When I awake I remember our dream
and my love for you remians true
as real as it can be
because it is
as if it could be
The whole dream will have a chance
To be and come true
for me
and for you my love
for us
Is this dream of mine

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