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8/15/2006 5:41 am

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Just wondering ...

Lately, I've been wondering what it is that makes some women go for such losers and either simply ignore or outright abuse any decent man they might encounter.

I recently dated someone for just over a year who totally confused me. We lived together for about 9 months during the time that we dated, and she seemed like someone who was looking for the same kind of equal partnership that I wanted. Eventually, her attendance at work became sporadic and ultimately nonexistent. Her paychecks and what she contributed toward our living expenses, of course, diminished to nothing. Eventually, she admitted that the "mooching" bit near the end of that RWB relationship had been a childish act of retaliation for refusing her "invitation" (read: "ultimatum") to sell the house & move back to South Dakota with her. Update: (11/30/2012) More recently, another ex-RWB resorted to felony theft, a federal crime due to her having fled across state lines with the loot; also meant to "punish" me for refusing an "invitation" (again, read: "ultimatum") to move with her to Tennessee. The loss amounted to delaying my attaining total freedom from credit card debt by an additional 6 months beyond the target date I had set for having that balance finally reach $0.00; at least there was some partial repayment of the loss, so I'm only 3 months behind schedule as things stand now. If it's eventually repaid in full, that would help considerably.

As it turned out, my idea of "light bondage and D/s" wasn't quite as hardcore as she was looking for. I'm sorry, but I refuse to fulfill " and torture fantasies" for anyone. Handcuffs, blindfolds, and spankings, yes I can do that. Knives, needles, etc. I just can't do.

Ultimately, I asked this girl to move out and she ended up living in a rusty trailer somewhere in the hills of Tennessee with an unemployed, violent meth addict. If that's the life she wanted, I have to wonder why she ever bothered to pretend to be someone who wanted to work for a living. No, my house doesn't have a "white picket fence" in front of it and I'm looking for something a little more exciting than "plain vanilla" in the bedroom, but since when does that mean that I might be open to starting a relationship with some nut who wants to be and tortured? Damn, there sure are some wacko's out there.

Where are all the "just a little kinky" ladies?

"Good times, bad times
You know I've had my share"

(Page, Jones, Bonham -- 1969)

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10/18/2006 8:06 am

I am right here baby....and you know where that is...come get me..

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