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9/10/2005 6:10 pm

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"We want to find out what we did right and what we did wrong." are the words from a man who should be impeached for gross incompetence.

I find it shocking that he even has the audacity to claim that they actually did something right.

That is like a lifeguard on duty watching a swimmer drown while doing nothing.

Next amazed bystanders tell the lifeguard that it really is his duty and responsibility as a lifeguard to try to save the swimmer.

Finally, the lifeguard jumps in and drags the body out of the water, and says "Well, I got the corpse out so I did something right!"

Apparently, there is confusion among the GWB Administration about where the federal and state responsibilities start and end, which leads to the natural question: how can you do your job if you don't know what your responsibilities are?

Well, from the way they 'handled' the Katrina disaster it is obvious that they aren't up for the job they are being paid for.

In fact, everything I've seen and heard so far tells me that the real disaster was not Katrina but the way the Government responded to the disaster. This in effect would make the GWB Administration the greatest natural disaster ever to hit US soil.

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