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Imagine this scene: You’re at a church standing over the small casket where your child lays lifeless. He or she died in an accident or disease, way before their time. You are completely grief-stricken looking at the pictures of them on their casket. You are devastated beyond rationality. You are desperate for even one more moment with your baby. Three days ago you saw them laughing, playing, loving and now their gone forever. You feel a huge hole where your heart once was. Your life feels a loss of meaning and complete helplessness. You are at rock bottom. A man shows up. He walks up to you and says, “ You can have that child back. You can get them back right down to the last hair. You can have your child that just passed away, all over again”. Then he offers you the opportunity of a lifetime. He offers to clone your child free of charge and all you have to do is give up everything you know, everyone you know, move, and be a loving parent to that child.
This situation was taken from the movie Godsend. In a situation like this I can honestly say as a parent, that I don’t know of many parents who wouldn’t be so desperate and devastated to at least consider this option. I myself would have given anything to get my child back. I would move heaven and earth if that’s what it takes. That’s why their are laws to protect us from our selves. We need these laws of ethics in our great country. We actually need these laws of ethics in every country, but unfortunately, not all countries are as morally dignified as the US. These laws protect us from scientific predators in our time of grief and my essay will explain why.
In March 1997, President Clinton introduced a ban on using federal funding on research related to attempts to clone human beings. In August 1997, President Clinton proposed banning of human cloning for at least five years to allow the National Bioethics Board time to study and assess risks of human cloning. As of now, there are few countries that have laws prohibiting human cloning. Today there is a ban on reproductive human cloning in the USA due to years of research showing the atrocities of this human experiment.
There are two types of human cloning that need to be differentiated: therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning. Therapeutic cloning enables the creation of embryonic stem cells. This enables scientiists to clone bone marrow, hearts, livers, and kidneys to save lives. Reproductive cloning is taking a persons DNA injecting it into a human embryo to make a genetically engineered duplicate of a human being. Therapeutic cloning is legal in several states in the USA today, but reproductive cloning is not.
Today, 26 April 2005, on an NBC news broad cast there was a discussion on the subject of cloning. Scientist right here in the US are cloning sheep with human cells so they can harvest their livers to use in liver transplants on humans. According to this broadcast they have had some success. Imagine animals with human DNA. We are condoning this. Is this the desecration of humanity, as we know it?
I, personally, am against playing God but I am for saving lives. Cloning has always been a very controversial subject. Cloning is becoming an essential topic today due to the scientific break-threws that have occurred over the years. Because of these break-threws there are thirteen cloned children walking the earth at this time. Cloning is the fabrication of man and we, being the representatives of human life, have to take a stand on this issue today, because tomorrow might be to late.
23 Feb 1997 it was announced Dolly (the sheep) was successfully cloned from an adult sheep by a Scottish team of embryologists led by Dr. Ian Wilmut. This was considered The Genetic Revolution. This became a reality for many scientific overzealous arrogant scholars with a PHD looking for a seniority high and money. Unfortunately this great achievement was filled with sadness, for on 14 Feb 2003 Dolly died of a progressive lung disease. It was believed by many scientific scholars that Dolly might have been getting old before her time. The cloning technique used to clone Dolly commonly causes severe abnormalities. This experiment opened the door for many genetic possibilities in the future, good and bad. Clonaid, for example, took advantage of this experiment and was the first company to clone human beings using the same technique Dr. Ian wilmut used to clone Dolly. Clonaid has become a very essential topic in many of the studies of the twenty-first century regarding cloning due to its over publicized fatal accomplishments.
Clonaid, the first human cloning company, was founded in February 1997, located in a low profile destination in Europe. It was founded by RAEL (Claude Vorilhorn), a religious leader, who claims in 1973, that he had been abducted by extra-terrestrials known as Elohim . According to him these extra-terrestrials actually created mankind scientifically in their laboratories, and were mistaken for ‘God’. He claims they showed him the key to eternal life and the Garden of Eden. He says they showed him that cloning was the threshold of paradise. So he invented a company, a bible, and many teachings of these Elohim, alien like creators, to show the world that life can be forever.
RAEL and his followers believe that because of cloning their will be a day that food will produce automatically without labor, that everything we need will be produced by robots, that every starving person will have food, that education will be on tape, that their would be equality among man, that no one would have to work, that we would live in a money free world where everything is free, that you can have the child of your dreams, and that people will live forever. Honestly, can anyone actually say they would be happy in a society so lazy and boring? We would be spoiled over-weight slobs with no capacity to work under the misconception that the world owes us something. If we lived forever there is the possibility we would have to watch loved ones die and we would lose fulfillment because we would end up bored with everything we have.
RAEL’s teachings believe that science is not a human practice but a human being. These teachings talk of a paradise regained. Soon people can give birth and raise their own favorite celebrities. These teachings have the dream of population control. These teachings state that endangered species won’t have to be endangered. Some teams of scientist are already tying to clone the mammoth from frozen cells in Siberia. Are dinosaurs next? The teachings have a dream to resurrect Jesus using cloning, like RAEL clams the Elihim did three days after Jesus died. RAEL claims to be the only scientific leader to speak of cloning the way he does.
The Pope like other religious leaders, for example, Fr. Benedict Groeschel (Catholic), David Tremble (Protestant), and Spire Visitor Packets (Baptist) is against Clonaid and genetic manipulation. The biblical beliefs being a big reason seeing how there is only one God and that their would be no others before him. There are many concerns of cloning such as overpopulation, reducing bio-diversity, the creation of monsters, depressed unhappy children who are products of genetic manipulation, superior army of cloned warriors, and that the products of cloning will have shortened lifespan. Clonaid has rebutted all these concerns. Clonaid sees the world as being discriminatory towards humanity. I think that trying to cheat who we are is discriminatory.
Believe it or not, Islamic and Jewish leaders, for example, Joanquin Navarro-Valls (Islamic) and Rabbi T Hersh Weinreb (Jewish) consider cloning a part of God’s will because they feel God gave man the ability to do this. They consider cloning a positive karma. They feel that the Vatican has condemned every new discovery. This information can be found in a book called “ Say Yes To Human Cloning” by RAEL, that can be downloaded of the site They do not understand that God gave man free will to make decisions but it does not mean that man’s decisions are always right. In fact we are all born with the ability to make bad choices and we all have.
Since 1 March 2004 thirteen cloned babies are alive, thirty human clones have been implanted, twenty-three pregnancies are under way, and soon there will be an average of fifty implants every two months thanks to Clonaid. All of these children where cloned using the same technique that was used to clone Dolly the sheep. There are two hundred and fifty potential consumers. Eighty percent of these consumers were sterile couples, fifteen percent were homosexual couples, and the last five percent are grieving parents trying to resurrect a child lost. This company is getting rich of demolishing the ethics of genetic science and an ignorant economy. Depending on the case they charge either ten thousand or fifteen thousand dollars per implant. That also counts the implants that some consider duds and don’t take to pregnancy. This company has investors and stock located all over the Bahamas. People are free to by stock on line if they chose to invest in this company.
26 Dec 2002, Eve, the first human clone was born by caesarean after being created by Clonaid. The second child was born to a Dutch lesbian couple in January 2003, who wanted Clonaid to use both of their DNA to produce a baby. Clonaid has yet to be able to perform such a task but is currently working on it. The couple had the mothers DNA cloned. So in fact, the mother gave birth to herself. The third child was the first boy that was cloned. He was born in late January 2003. He was born to a Japanese couple that lost their son in a car accident and wanted to have his DNA cloned. It was claimed that these babies had no independent verification whatsoever. It’s very possible that Clonaid and its allegations could be a fraud. The US demanded genetic testing on Eve but was denied it by Clonaid, saying it was impossible because courts would try to identify the children and take them into their care. By February 2004. Clonaid promised the testing of the Japanese baby was underway. March 2004 came and there was still silence. Many are still speculating the outcome of the results.
Clonaid has franchised many products including a kit designed to preserve your own DNA that’s only two hundred dollars. You can purchase and egg through Clonaid for five thousand dollars. They also have managed to create a genetic repair kit. This gives hope to being able to clone stem cells to cure disease, deformities, and sickness. They have managed to give people infected with HIV the ability to carry a child to term without infecting child.
Cloning consist of taking DNA from the host being cloned and introducing it to an egg. The egg is returned to its embryonic state. Then it restarts the cellular division process and obtains a new embryo. A host carries the fetus for nine months just like any normal child. It’s monitored closely. Then the host gives birth and the transformation is complete. This is the same method used for Dolly the sheep and the same method used by clonaid. If you want to get technical, a twin is a clone designed by nature using sperm and egg. The problem with cloning is the DNA is still the same age. No one has yet to reverse the aging effects of DNA. If they have we would have a bunch of young people running around and no one would have to worry about aging. The search is on for the fountain of youth. The results of cloning DNA cause the genetic product to die before its time. For example, if you use DNA from a host that is forty to produce a genetic clone and the host only lives another twenty years, the genetic clone will only live for twenty years. You will have created a forty-year-old baby. The dream is to clone an exact replica of an adult. Then download a person’s personality, knowledge, and experiences into that clone. Scientist has already downloaded personalities into robots and computers. Humanity is losing all that makes it human.
These genetic products of what seems to be mans experimentations are just replicas. They are not the people who were cloned. Yes they may have similarities in interest, same basic ability, tastes, and partners, but they will have different education and life experiences, not to mention, you cannot clone a persons soul. These children are the Frankenstein’s of today. They now have to live in a society that views them as an abomination. It’s even possible they to will develop problems and die way before their time. So in essence, these so called scientist have cheated these children of a normal life. These children were not supposed to exist.
The question now exists, what’s the difference between using science for the sanctity of benefiting mankind and taking advantage of science to manipulate mankind. When we play God as mankind, are we selling our soles? We are going to be our own downfall. We need to uphold these laws in the US, banning this piracy of human life. We are turning people into property and humanity is not a science project. Individuality is what sets us apart and when we lose that, we become less unique as humans and more vulnerable. Lets keep the traditional act of conception because that’s a miracle within its self. Lets say no to these scientific predators because they are the abominations that threaten this great society and lets give humanity a chance. If we don’t, our very existence may be at jeopardy because, if by some chance, a perfect race of man is created, then what would happen to us? How far will we go in the name of science? Will we self-destruct?

I am currently working with a foundation in Kentucky that is fighting this travisty against mankind called Clonaid...
Joine the fight!
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