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Ecstasy what have you done to me.
You ignited me.
Then you left me cold
With nothing but an empty shell to hold.
So many consperacies you told.
What am I but a hollow willow?
Left in a rugged wind to blow.
I have more inside then you will ever know.
Judge me not.
Life lives in what everyone else has forgot.
This painted picture of what you see me as,
Is nothing but a minds malignant mass.
Sorrow embraces what the heart has forgot.
Everything else is left swollen and hot.
Love is what its not.
Nail me to a stake.
Theirs nothing left to brake.
You have used all you can use.
There is something to be said for morality abuse.
The jealous angelic innocence loses what’s not left to choose.
Leave me you cruel remembrance of what once was branded in me.
This evading evil has to give me back morality.
Desire will not own me.
I cannot give in to ecstasy.

Jeanette Hedglin
Age 25

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