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What are tears, but shattered dreams built up over years.
All, god hears!
Showers pore over tenderness so sore.
I want more!
Why love when pain makes a big we stain.
It’s enough to drive an angel insane.
Run far away from emotions you feel have begun.
Beware it’s real!
Temptation applies right down to it’s heals.
The sole peals.
It is a lie that steadily dies.
This becomes a demy.
It takes you high then back down to a blasphemy sigh.
It becomes merely shy
But dicises itself as sweet honey pie.
Misery and love are a tie.
Make a witness upon our eyes.
It is light and dark as night.
It can also fall out of sight between boundaries of black and Wight.
You cannot hold it tight.
It’s not worth the fight.
It sells the wedding bells.
It brings it to raging hells.
Love is not what it spells.
A paining chest knows best, it will sever the covering breast.

Jeanette Hedglin
Age 15

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