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9/7/2005 11:57 am

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Tragedy is me.
Its what my life will always be, one big tragedy.
One tragedy after another tragedy.
Shakespeare has nothing on me.
Happiness is overdone.
Agony has already won.
How can I get free?
I am trapped in a tragedy.
There are no happy ending and fairy tails.
Life will somehow fail.
Tears take me under.
My mind tends to wonder.
What would life be for me?
If there was no tragedy.
A love who would hold me true.
A job that I would love to do.
A family to say I love you.
There would be happiness within me
If there was no tragedy.
When will I ever accept, this me.
No wishes will come true and set me free,
So many things are limited to me.
So many things I cannot be.
So many things I can’t have for me.
But I will always have my tragedy.

Jeanette Hedglin
Age 25

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