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In Someone Else’s Eyes

In someone else’s eyes
I can see this girl before me.
A good kid,
The best student,
And so much wrong
She never did.

In someone else’s eyes
I see the disguise
Of how they picture me.
Looking in the mirror
I’m changing beyond degree
And what they don’t see
Is killing me
Inside this disguise
In someone else’s eye’s.

They don’t know
The food I hide away
Or the price I pay
Trying to look one way.
Talking to my parents
I want to say
What’s plaguing me every day?
But the words slip away
Looking in someone else’s eyes.
All the lies
And pills I take
Never fill the pain
I’m dying to brake.

I hope its not to late
But who knows at this rate.
So much I feel
And the weight is disappearing
All so real.
The purging I do
No one knew.

In someone else’s eyes
I’m perfect,
I try to do everything right,
An never fights,
But theirs a battle
Deep inside.
I fight myself
While everyone stays blind
And no one sees
When they see me.
I’m glad the can’t see me lose control
Yet I wish someone would set me free
Even though they would know.

I try to stop,
I want a way out!
I’m dying to get out!

Jeanette Hedglin
Age 13

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