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9/7/2005 11:44 am

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I AM!!!!!!!

I am an independent believer
Drenched in self in diver
Searching for that one lost piece of being
That makes me feel as if I were an absolute captor of self-beckoning.

I am incriminating with contradicting means with in myself
Criticizing all that makes me human in hopes of perfecting oneself.
Where is fidelity?
Only that purity can free me and make me curb my inner obsolete stains
Without burdening what pain remains.

I am obscured, with every purge.
I exist in a shadowed compulsive -byrgan
Waiting to be consumed by fait.
Is it to late?
Can I be liberated from such captivity?
My kindred spirit has no equality.

I am the illusion of extinction bringing obtainment,
Within my reverie of entrapment.
Bring me diversion from my own self-preservation.
Ease my desires through physiological orgasmic encountered
Expectations continue to entice me.

I am lost to no beginning or end.
Feelings desecrate me as I entangle myself in delicate innocence.
I am estranged to residing in defense to penance.
I yell forgiveness as I enter heavens decor of a gate.
Save this devoid shell before it’s to late.

AGE 25

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