The Past 2 Years  

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9/3/2006 1:02 pm

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The Past 2 Years

I spent 11 months of 2005 in the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center getting my right kidney removed, fighting infections, and trying to stay alive long enough to have some more fun and finish whatever is in store for me in the future. of which I have no idea. I came out alive and kicking, have since then gotten 200 etter and am just waiting for the day when I can look back at the WHOLE thing and laugh saying "it was tough, but Im better for gettign through it." I am almost to that point now, I am soo there most days, others just get hard todeal with all the changes.

you see there were a lot of changes to me and my body with that ONE year of my life.. 1 - went from 400 pounds to 200 , 2 - had to learn to walk again 3 times, 3 - did a lot of reflecting on what really matters, 4 - finally became glad to be, whoever that may be, 5 - realized that everyone if their own person and doesn't always care who you are, 6 - learned to make friends with everyone in case that someone can change your life for the better in some small way, 7 - found out that just because you think or believe one way, it doesn't mean that is the only way to think or believe, 8 - came to the conclusion that we are going someplace with our life that we may never know about, 9 - I'm ok with riding along and experiencing everything I can along the way, 10 - FINALLY: its not about what everyone sees that matters MOST its about what you KNOW is on the inside and finding a way to bring that out and be yourself.

now that I have been through what most people would describe as a year in hell I have realized that it makes you happy, content, and thankful for all the little things that everyone else, the ones that either havent figured it out, or wont, takes for granted. For example, the sinple pleasure of sitting outside on the grass watching a sunset over the mountains, hearing kids laugh and play innocently, "watching a thunderstorm build over the mountains and anticipating the outcome," finding new friends, reconnecting with old ones, getting a warm hugs from a friend just because you or they may need it at the time. These things are what everyone SHOULD be living for, not how much money they can make, or how big their house is, or even how many people they know. Its all about how close your reltionships are. I finally learned its about quality over quanity in EVERY part of life.

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9/3/2006 11:30 pm

Sorry to hear the missfortune that you've been thru the last 2 years..and can agree about the jerks and rotten people here in redding..there are a few good people left though..and not from redding has an advantage..check out my profile and see if we can learn more of each others search in life..thanks so much and you'll be in this guys prayers..thanks for yopur time..M....write if you would like tooo.

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