Lessons from a beggar in Jerusalem  

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7/19/2005 7:27 pm

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Lessons from a beggar in Jerusalem

One night long ago as I walked the streets of the old city I passed an a wretched old beggar woman clothed in rags sitting ignored by passerby's on by the street. I continued for some distance but couldn't get the pathetic image out of my mind so I went back and handed her some money. As I turned away she loudly spat on the ground next to me. Shocked, I turned and looked back at her, her light green eyes glared out from an ancient looking haggard face before she looked away.

Walking away I felt a angry, confused and indignant. It was only some time later that I realized that she had directed her bitterness at me simply because I had gotten close enough for her to express it. I represented all the uncaring others who had gone before and didn't come back that she could never express it to. Perhaps not fair but very human just the same.

So it is in life. We all often do the same. We take out our frustrations on the undeserving who happen to be present instead of on the deserving who are absent.

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