so, starting out with a blog, what do i want?  

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8/10/2006 7:43 am
so, starting out with a blog, what do i want?

i want a good looking lady to be with. i wanan bang her. not have sex, or make love, i wanna do her. not a fuck buddy. i want a woman. not a girl. a sexual human female being. why? because i am craving to eat her, and drive her crazy to the extent of her giving it to me for less than a minute because i'll obviously explode once i'm inside her. the solution to lasting long is of course to do it outside, that way the draft on my balls will chill the whole excitement part and i'll have to work harder to actually come.

condoms are a big deal. i don't mind coming inside one. it's actually nicer than what they insist on showing in porn flicks - the guy pulls out, rips off the condom and comes in her face or tits - why i have a problem with porn flick, not that i don't watch porn flicks i love porn flicks, seen them all, pretty much to know what is on and what is not: btw lesbians who look like apris hilton going down on one another is just a home run.

what is my type? i have the special talent of referring to celebrities. but if you're talking personality types, well that's harder. if you want to have fun, i am on. if you wanna masturbate on a funeral that might be a fun thing for the first time but not really my climax. doing a woman while watching lesbian porn sounds like an unbelievable climax but it's too much for me to take.

that said i do last short buti can go three times. within the half hour. 4th times are a struggle because it takes the longest. of course this only sucks when i'm jerking off. believe me i have done test drives. but more on that later. being with a hot woman it's not as much the moaning that gets me off but the hornyness of her. i like hand jobs, good ones, that last till i come, yeah no foreplay there, then i can take a head and come and then i can bang and come and then i might do it again with the traditional quick changes and finnish inside a woman, wearing a condom.

sweaty, wet, exciting, but hot. exhausting? well if you're alone and jerking off yeah. but if i've just come with a creature who has breasts and who i initially want to bang then hey, i could go for several marathons. i just love it. because i haven't had it in so long? so what. i wanna get going.

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