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9/7/2006 5:46 am

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Could there be anything as endless, I cannot discover
As one solitary moment when I’m awaiting my lover?
How time slows down to painful slow motion!
And the world seems to swirl around me with no notion
Of my need; and the ticks of the clock mock me with their song

But the clock isn’t broken, of this I’m fairly sure
But how much longer of this must I endure?
If I were a magical clockmaker, why what I’d create!
A clock that turns hours into seconds, how that would elate
My poor heart; for in moments not hours, to me she would belong

So then here is a riddle, a puzzle that asks why
When she is here, the hours just fly?
The hours become minutes, and the minutes are seconds
And the clock, knowing when she must leave, cruelly beckons
Why, as in the waiting, cannot our time together prolong?

Her kisses last but an instant, such a brief moment in time
Her embraces just begin and then the clock begins to chime!
But while in her arms, we are lost to the ages
Like lovers gone by, on all of their stages
Lost in an eternal universe, uncaring, headstrong

When I hold her closely and pour my love into her eyes
We create a fire which is fed by our sighs!
A millennium of time passes within each passionate kiss
As we imagine an eternity made of nothing but this
And we foreswear for each other, always we’ll long

I take her soft breast into my hand, hold it tight
I explore it, I tease it, to her throes of delight
I suck it, I lick it, I leave my mark
Like a king with his whore, a queen and her monarch
She cannot resist me, she is too willing, and I am too strong

And like lovers since the world began
We discover each other, woman and man
Imploring, roaring, soaring to the highest peak
As we climb to our Everest, we are strong and we are weak
And our minds, in unison, sing the same sweet song

Our pleasure is endless, unstopping, without pause
We will do anything to further our cause!
And so it is thus that we may stop to catch air
And in a moment’s time, our lips meet again, on a dare
And say to each other we are where we belong

And my caveman, my hunter, my primeval creature
Grabs her roughly, and lusting anew for his teacher
Loves her again, becomes endlessly lost in her loins
She cries out! I cry out! And from the depth of our groins
We lose all sense, all thought, all right, all wrong

And then slumping, exhausted, but for only a minute
For we cannot bear to not revel in it
We swear “I adore you” to each other once more
And the passion we’ve just had, is surpassed - an encore!
And we know that this is what we’ve wanted, all lifelong

Yes, to love like this, to breathe but not smother
Surely we must have been made for each other
Because it’s never been like this with anyone before
We are master and whore, goddess I adore!
Harmonizing together in our own bittersweet song

Oh, to crush man’s concept of time!
To forever silence that ominous, hellish chime
That says she must go, the foolish clock wantonly does intrude
While in our hearts and minds, only love does exude
I want to make love with her from the beginning of time, to the end of the earth
With no time, no deadline, no clock, no concept of what a moment is worth
To fly with her throughout the dark, cool night
And finally, on a deserted, unknown place we will alight
Where there is no time; but only our voices
Singing together our own sweet, secret song

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