Who's screwing who here?  

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9/11/2005 8:43 am

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Who's screwing who here?

Several years ago, while "making love" to someone, she began to finger my ass. While I found this to be somewhat exciting and stimulating, her long nails made things a bit painfull.

Repeated love making sessions with her gave us both more experience, her trimming her nails and being a little more gentle with her thrusting fingers, and me, becoming more comfortable and relaxed with something being pushed up my ass.

As something to stimulate our sex lives, I began to bring a dildo to our love making sessions. She seemed to enjoy this and on occasion would use it on herself while I watched, kissed her, sucked her breasts, licked her thighs, clit, etc. I would use it on her also when we did the 69 thing. Sometimes I would get both the dildo and my cock in her. She liked that for a while, then for some reason changed her mind.

It was about that time it happened, after warming her up with the dildo, and then mounting her , she picked up the dildo made me suck it, get it good and wet, pushed me a little sideways, and shoved it up my ass. She began shoving it in and pulling it out to make me screw to her rythym.

She had been sticking fingers up my ass for months now, but that really didn't prepare me for this. This really stretched my asshole like it had never been before. My butt was pretty sore the next day.

We got into it again two nights later and she again jammed that thing up my ass. She said she really liked it because it gave her the feeling of control, she was setting the pace, and if I moved too fast or slow, she just had to start reaming and jamming.

It didn't take long before I became used to, and expected her to screw me. I began to enjoy it, to the point that, I bought her a strap-on. She used that a couple times, but went back to the hand held. It was a double dong, and we ended up using it together a couple times, but she got more pleasure using it on me. I guess I did too.

While out of town for a couple nights, and after a couple beers, I was feeling pretty horney. I went to an adult "book store", the ones with the movie booths.

It turned out that this booth had a hole cut in the wall between the adjoining booth. I looked in and saw a guy jerking off. He saw me looking, and stuck his dick through the hole.

This kind of caught me off guard, but I took it
in my hand and stroked it. It really began to turn me on. Her I am stroking another mans cock and my own.

I decide to go for it and took him in my mouth. I was however carefull not to let this stranger cum in my mouth. I liked having a dick in my mouth.

Several months ago, while driving through a nearby town, I happened to pick up a woman looking for a ride. She wasn't looking to go to far, just get out of the area.

Driving along, it was getting late, and I hadn't had "any" for a few days, I reached over and began fondling her left breast. She didn't flinch, and I became more arroused.

She reached over, undid my pants, and began giving me head. I found a private place to park very quickly.

She played with my cock, keeping me at the edge for quite some time, and when I told her I was going to cum, she pulled up hard on my cock and balls, grabbed the back of my head, and shoved my head down so the head of my own dick was in my mouth.

That kind of hurt by back and neck, but , I shot a load so harb, I felt it hit the back of my throat. She pulled me up, milked my dick, and shoved me back down againto lick up the rest. All this time, she was yelling at me "suck that dick", "suck that dick". Talk about a turn on.

After that, I found that I enjoy the taste of my own cum. It turns me on to have my sex partner tell me to cum on them, not in them, and to make me lick it off of what ever part of their body it lands.

Does this stuff make me a freak?


I am making love to a woman, ts/tv/tg.... A third person, another woman with a strap-on, or a "TV/TS/tg" comes up,slides the dildo or cock in between our mouths, we lick it then, the woman I'm on makes me suck it, get it good and wet, then the third person moves around and takes me from behind, while I'm still inside the first woman.
This is one of my fantasies.

Iwantmoreofutoo 106M

9/12/2005 8:19 pm

wetpantyslut, thanks for your support. (wouldn't mind doing some of this stuff with you)

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