Blind date I will never forget.  

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6/3/2006 1:40 pm

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Blind date I will never forget.

She arrived at the door. I shyly invited her in. I joked, made a small talk, then couldn't hold myself, without warning, the animal instinct worked. I am always in control, she was hell beautiful that she made me lose it. I grabbed her, ripped her blouse open. She screammed. I forced my hands up under her delicate bra and began to fondle her full firm bosom. Her horny sounds got louder, as she put her lips on mine and made me taste the most delecious lips I ever did.

I dragged her to the kitchen table tasting every inch of her chest, then moved her to the living room couch where I proceeded to hike up her short skirt and rip off her white thong panties...

Kissed her lips, kissed her neck as I was touching her. "NO! it's too fast" she whispered in my ears, and pretended to be struglling but I felt that inside she wanted more and more. I kissed her tummy and took of her panties. All of a sudden I paused, looking on her juicy womanhood hungrily. Wow! and Wow. There is no doubt that I dreamt of having such a juicy peice for breakfast, lunch and dinner on daily bases, not to mention dessert.

I seized her pink piece in my mouth, my tongue kept ravishing her most secret spot. I knew it from her screaming. She try to resist but my tongue was too fast and guess too skilled. She struggled to the bitter end but she couldn't stop the explosive orgasm that slammed into her, carrying her to planes of pleasure I never knew it existed. She was screaming and crying from pleasure for the next 3 minutes. I never knew intense pleasure can make a lady cry.

I raised my head to look at her, my face soaking with her juices. She was shivering and pulled me up, hugged me an squeezed. Whispered in my ear "you won" and kissed me on the right side of my lips. It didnt end here. 7 hours of my life continued.

She left, I travelled the next day, we lost contact. Came back, her phone is always closed. I had sex before her, I had sex after her. One thing I am sure of: I never enjoyed sex or had pleasure as much as I had with her.....


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