Today is a wierd day  

IrishBrat2 39F
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3/7/2005 3:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Today is a wierd day

I work in a place where there is a numerous amount of people. And i see so may many and i as look at them its not that i am attracted in a sense but certin things about certin ones just makes me wet to think about them....There is one i see everyday we will call him "Jimmy" I know he is a player look at him you can see it. but all i want to do is hold him down ..look deep into his eyes and just jerk him off...i wanna see the look on his face when he cums...Thats all I want from him..But they are all so young...19,20,21....They know nothing of sexual wisdom...Is it wrong to want to teach and abuse at the same time? To watch there faces when they feel something they have never felt before...the thought of it is to much....should someone lust this much?

dionysusRambler 42M
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4/20/2005 8:01 pm

"should someone lust this much? "

Hell yes! Nearly every major religion has had at least one heretical branch that insisted that lust, acceptence of the pleasure of life, and sexual surrender were modes of enlightenment (or whatever the aim of the religion was).

Sorry for that spasm of philosophy..

But yeah, one of my pleasures has always been awakening women (of legal age, of course!). Its complicated, but I have a habit of bringing out the inner nymph in shy or repressed women- and I love leading them into a world of shameless sexuality, of fucking with needing to feel like they have to appologize to anyone. Yes, many of them have been younger than me, but that can be fun too. Being devoid of sexual wisdom, as you put it, can also mean that they are devoid of sexual guile- are less likely to fear you hurting them emotionally, and thus willing to give more.

Basically, if you intend to give back every little drop of pleasure they give you, then go seduce them and enjoy. I'd say the fine line not to cross is when you are talking about someone down-right naive and not just merely inexperienced.


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