Why do you?  

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8/6/2005 4:07 am

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Why do you?

Ed note: I wrote this about three years ago. Where short stories I write for my own enjoyment and to exercise my mind, Poetry is how I work out my emotions. Call it a free shrink lol.

Why do you try to cage your beauty within
Like it is a foul beast that will devour you if you set it free?
Why do you cower from the light without
Like a Vampire that will die in the warmth of the sun?
Why do you reject the hand that is extended in friendship
Like it is a spiked gauntlet that would rip into your flesh?
Why do you cringe from my smile
Like you see venom dripping from my teeth?
Why do you hide from my eyes
Like they are the eyes of an executioner?

I have seen the beauty within,
In both myself and in you.
I have bathed in the light without,
And I have guiltless joy in its warmth.
I have taken the hand of friendship,
And I have felt its soothing touch upon my soul.
I have enjoyed another’s smile
And found myself smiling in return.
I have gazed into your eyes,
And I have seen fathomless beauty trapped deep within.

Why do you cloak yourself in duty, guilt and shame?
Those trappings are unbecoming of a soul as stately as yours.
Why do you wall yourself up with bricks of fear?
Your soul cries for the freedom of flight,
The release of adventure and newness.

Why do you refuse to grasp that which every fiber of your being screams out for?
Why do you seek your own soul’s death when it screams for life?
Why do you hold onto despair when joy is just a hand’s breadth away?

Look into my eyes.
Take my hand.
If but for a moment.

Feel the warmth of living that the world has forgot.
See the dancing of light few ever see in their shuttered existence.
Taste the sweet nectar of fruit you never knew you could eat.
Smell the flowers that only grow in the light.
Hear the song of laughter chiming from your own mouth.
Experience the flight of your soul as it soars to the stars.

Take my hand.
Let me show you the way.
If but for a moment.

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