Reflections...Another new town.  

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8/4/2005 4:31 am

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Reflections...Another new town.

It seems I have been on the move a good portion of my life. By the time I was eight I had lived in three states and six differant locations. by the time I was twenty the number had risen to six states with two of those states living there twice at differant times and over fourteen differant locations. Since then I have moved all over the Columbus, Ohio area then moved down to Houston for several years, living a half dozen places in Houston. Now I am in Cincinnati. I actually plan on moving in a little less than a year but at that point settling in for five or six years at least while I go back to college to get a degree and then settle into a new career.

Wierd as it may seem, I am not always that great at making new friends. I am a great conversationalist and am far from shy walking up to someone and starting to chat. However, most people tend to bore me fairly quickly. When I look into most people's eyes I see a shallow pool clouded over by darkness of unknowing and unthinking and reeking like a bog from their own fear of life and the world around them. I go to a bar and I see people who would rather drink than think.

I go to a park and I smell fear of strangers; I can see it in their eyes as their orbs dart to and fro like a rabbit hiding in the grass as the wolf slinks by. Perhaps I see too much, but my awareness has always been hightened and even if I could turn it off, I would refuse to. I see the people in the park as being there out of a sense of duty to their children, or the health, or their mental well being. But mostly, their attempts at finding inner peace in nature is futile for inner peace comes from with in and not from with out. None of these people ever see the vivid colors I do. They never see light so bright and spactaculair it is nearly blinding yet at the same time fully invigorating to the soul. They never notice how the light filtering through the trees dances upon the ground like a Grand Ball of ages past. They never notice the frog sitting in the rushes wrapped in the warm embrace of the pond. They never even glance at the grasshopper that is decimating a blade of grass with mechanical relish.

I see poeple look at the pond and their eyes glaze over from the hypnotic effect of the sunlight dancing off of the water. But they never really see the boat like ripples made by the water bugs frolicking up the surfice like children at an ice rink. They never hear the stone like plop of the frog as he leaps from shore to the protection of the water's depths. They never hear the slap of minnows ringing like fine crystal at a banquet as they desperatly attempt to escape from their preditors. But worse of all, they never see the reflection of the sky and clouds playing upon the mirrored surface punctuated by reflected light that shines like day stars in the sky.

No, these people are not alive. sure, they breath, eat and do all the bodally functions of one that is living, but their minds are all dead. What interest would I have in talking to an animate corpse? How could someone such as that add to my own life? All they could do is to suck off my energy like a Black Hole sucks off the energy of a star that wanders too close.

Where are the living, truelly alive, human beings? Are there any left today or have they all been sucked into the blackness of a collapsed star?

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