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8/4/2005 12:50 am

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New Day

A very long time ago when this place was a complete pile of chaotic profile entries and full of dead ends I tried this place out, hard for a young guy living on a postage stamp sized town with no friends to get around and meet people. Anyone who says you can pick up dates in grocery stores or churches is obviously not hanging out in any place ive ever heard of.

Well im back again a decade later practically, im hoping this place has improved ALOT since i was looking through it last, visually its much more appealing and the content is much better with the advent of broadband for the masses. Most of it actually functions without much hassle on an osx machine, which is good because im backlogged on pc computers that neeed finishing or starting to built.

Ive amassed a considerable arsenal of experience work in the it field as well as sort of teaching in it also. I cant beleive its taken me this long to grow myself and my skills to be at the place i am now, where whatever i want i simply start looking for info on it and if possible built it or attain it anyway possible.

I can definitely say having been through the military it has added years to me i think i would have missed out on if i had gone the other direction, this is good in alot of ways but socially i stayed the way i was for a long till i got out. Funny at age 25 i had to learn/teach myself how to find new sources of personal values and self worth coming from a family of people who took pride in their work and that work brought me a sense of self worth and pride i had a hard time replacing later on, my fahter only recently discovered this himself when he retired at age 58. I dont have to do anything at all these days, so with no holds barred on personal time i spent that amount of time evaluating myself and trying to grow in areas i had left untouched because my life had always been a busy one keeping jobs and doing the blue collar deal, far easier to focus on problems that can be solved relatively qwuickly with no real emotional strain or exertion.

I definitely feel as time goes on the dating pool is dwindling, im just now trying to get myself out there the best way i know how, it has given me some insight and patience that i would have been hard pressed to find at an earlier age.

Well this is the end of my blog, im not sure anyone will even find it worth reading, but if it does something for ya then more power to ya.

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