General Beauty and Sex Appeal  

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7/30/2005 5:54 pm

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General Beauty and Sex Appeal

First, I should say that the thing that makes a woman beautiful and sex, is not the kind of things that you find in fashion, porn, or advertising magazines. It is not what Maddison Avenue calls beautiful.

BEAUTY: It is something magical about a woman, sometimes it is a gap between her front teeth, sometimes it is beautiful hands, or beautiful feet, or gorgous legs, or a hour glass figure, or an interesting face, or someting that glows from within or the way she carries herself, her skin, the shape of her lips, her eyes, her hair, the way she dresses, etc. I could be any one or any combination of these trates.

SEX APPEAL: The first thing that I think must be made clear is that beauty and sex apeal are not synomous. The next thing that I think is critical, it that for a woman to have real sex appeal.... there must be chemistry between that woman and the person who finds her appealing. For it is that chemistry that makes the blood boil, and as I have experienced in life ... a woman that nearly everyone would call very ugly physically, can make a man or woman with whom she has chemistry ... lust after her like a dog in heat. When that chemistry is right ... those persons can creat such passion that the heat between them can melt steel.
I remember once haveing an afair with a woman who was skinny, had breast the size of a large lemon, almost no ass, a long neck an lucious lips, and an extremely long tongue, with a so-so face. Well let me tell you this woman kept me continously exited and very very firm. it didn't matter where we were, at a party, movie, musical, resturant, walking down the street .... I could never get enough of her and simply could not keep my hands off of her. She had a very high sex drive and we experiences more things toghether than most people experience in a life time. Some may even call that pure lust ... but the fact is that that woman had real ses appeal.

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