"I want to laugh and have a good time"  

Ins8iableHunk 49M
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10/28/2005 8:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

"I want to laugh and have a good time"

Me too. Me too and more...

I want to bend you over my knees, pull those tight pants and cute little thongs down, and spank your pretty little ass with my bare hand till you're not laughing so much anymore then have you put those hot pouty lips of yours somehwere oh so pleasant.

I want to share times when things don't work out like we plan but knowing that we're still there for each other. That we're still a team. And love eachother even more in the memory of the challenges we've been through together. I want to hold you tightly in my arms and comfort you when you're sad and find just the right thing to turn the tears to a giggle.

And I want to be out of breath laughing so hard that we can't stop laughing. Knowing we just pulled off something unplanned, spontaneous, raw, or mischevious. Or having just seen a funny commedy show or movie. Finding whatever it was that we're even sillier together.

Playfully yours the insatiable kinkster,

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