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10/2/2005 8:49 pm

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Another day has come and gone! I'm sitting here and pondering to myself why we join these sites. Are we bored, lonely, are we really looking for just sex or are we looking to find something else? I wonder! It would be interesting to know the real reason why most of us join. Do we dare be truthful to ourselves?

rm_bubbby2005 46M

10/7/2005 2:09 pm

You pose a very good question. I know my answer is that I am to try the sexual situations that my wife just won't try. For example, she is dead against trying anal, and I really want to try it. If we didn't want to be together anymore, I'm sure we would have already made the move. We are soulmates, just not completely sexually compatible.

Inquisitorial05 56M/52F

10/10/2005 3:05 am

Thanks for your comment.

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