Will this come TRUE ?? Only Jenn & I Know !!  

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6/8/2006 1:54 pm

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6/14/2006 6:16 am

Will this come TRUE ?? Only Jenn & I Know !!

OMG ! Robert made up a VERY naughty story for me last night on the phone with me and I'm still excited!

As he wrote in our last posting, we've had video conferences now with a wonderful couple: isl_grl_inocence... I'm very shy, but I can tell that Jenn is doing her best to seduce me ! She even invited me to visit, saying she would "Corrupt me". I've found myself getting excited at the thought of visiting her on Cebu, and Robert has quietly urged me on !

So as Robert whispered in my ear last night; I lay on the bed, closed my eyes, and saw his words like a movie:

I had taken the boat to see her, we'd met, and spent the evening having dinner and doing a little shopping. I slept in a guest room, comfortable with my new friend, and looking forward to the morning.

The next morning, Jenn allowed me to use her computer, and I was a very naughty girl and gave Robert a naughty show with a dildo I'd borrowed from Jenn... I had three wet & juicy orgasms, and LOVED the look on Robert's face as he watched me and stroked himself.

Jenn suggested we go out to her pool and enjoy the sun... I blushed when she suggested I wear the thong we'd bought last night, but put it on just the same.

After laying out for a few minutes, daydreaming about the delicious feeling of that dildo that had filled me while Robert watched... I felt Jenn's hands applying tanning oil to my shoulders. She untied the strings of my top, saying that I wouldn't want to have tan-lines. I began to melt as her gentle hands and the warmth of the sun relaxed me.

Her hands smoothed the oil along my back, and I tensed as she rubbed the oil across my bare buns! Again, I think she sensed my nervousness, so her hands flowed smoothly down along my thighs and lower legs. I couldn't HELP myself and started getting wet ! I think I even let out a slight moan !

Her hands flowed back up my thighs and onto my buns again ! This time I couldn't stop another moan, and even let my thighs slip apart a touch!

Jenn traced her oil slick fingers along the fabric of my thong, so CLOSE and teasing to my now juicy pussy !! Ooooh GAWD !!

Jenn teased my clit and lips thru the thin fabric for several minutes... and brought me to a quick, shuddering orgasm.

Then she simple climbed off of me and laid down on her own sun-chair as I tried to absorb what had just happened.

I laid there for awhile, and then rolled over, forgetting that Jenn had undone my top ! Jenn noticed, smiled, and pushed me back, applying oil to my breasts! I just laid there in shock and pleasure...

Awhile later, I was in showering the oil from my body... when Jenn joined me...

It was at THIS point in the story that my cell-phone battery DIED

rm_mariner311 52M
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6/11/2006 8:30 am

WOW... Your husband seems to have a way with words that makes you VERY excited ! I hope that your little story cums true and you have a GREAT time with your new GF !

rm_skyeone2 64M/45F
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6/14/2006 5:26 am

OMG Your cell died at the most inopportune moment! That is awful, but I hope the story comes true for you, sounds like a lot of fun!!!


Blessed Be

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