Nita is Thinking Bi-sexually !!  

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4/25/2006 8:29 am

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Nita is Thinking Bi-sexually !!

Well, well, well... Nita has been taking to masturbation like a little fiend As she posted last week, she has been using two fingers for that "FULLY FILLED FEELING!! And had become a little screamer while she rubs & probes.

Nita has ALSO taken to flipping through various profiles and then calling them to my attention when they make her horny... a wink to Night_meat, Jim_n_lynda, Silver1995 and others.

The other day she said that she was getting excited looking at some of the girls !! And NOT just because of the positions they were in !!

So to "test" this information I took our nightly phone-sex in a different direction

Night_meat had written a comment in another posting stating that they'd like to help Nita get some quality digital pics taken to post here... well I included this thought in my narration while Nita was masturbating.

I described how she would pose... how she was to keep her panties on during the photo session (Nitas was asking if she could masturbate THRU her panties). I could hear her arousal, and then I took it in a naughty direction:

I told her that the female was leaning forward and kissing her... THIS set Nita OFF !! She started moaning quite loudly... I asked Nita if this aroused her, and quietly she whispered that it DID \8

I moved the story to Nita and this pretty young lady engaged in a 69... and soon heard the sweet sound of Nita licking her own fingers: drenched in her sweet juices! I asked Nita if Mrs. Night_meat's pussy tasted good... Moaning loudly Nita called "Yesssssss, I like the taste of pussy!!"

During todays' phone session, Nita admitted it again that she wants to eat some pussy

Any Girls or Couples in the CDO area want to take my fiance up on her new desires? Contact her here or over

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4/27/2006 6:13 am


InnocentPinay69 52M/47F
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4/27/2006 8:44 am

Stephenyulo17 seems to have SO much to say ! I wonder if this is a problem with AdultFriendFinder, or if he's just speachless?

rm_mariner311 52M
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5/1/2006 4:01 am

That sounds delightful that your fiance has taken an interest in expanding her sexuallity. I am SURE that she would look lovely in a feminine embrace.

Nita, here's to you kissing and licking your first girl.

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