HIM - Her DVD reaction  

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4/14/2006 10:35 am
HIM - Her DVD reaction

Well, well, well... My darling Innocent fiance is becoming less innocent each day it seems ! And in many cases I have YOU, the members to thank for her increased interest in being naughty.

Nita was very aroused by the DVD I sent her... "Gangbang Girl #30". Everytime I mention it to her, she lets out a soft moan and squeezes her thighs together.

When I whisper in her ear about a gang-bang, she gasps and whispers back, "Like in that video? ooooh gawd!! Did you see the SIZE of those cocks Bana ?? ooooh fuck"

I know I have to take this slow (since she just learned to masturbate in the last month, but it is a JOY to now hear her moan and cry in pleasure as I whisper new and naughty fantasies into her ear.

She just experienced her FIRST 3-way conference chat... of course she was very nervous, but warmed as I and the male-member who joined us complimented her. It was exciting to see her blush and smile... and of course grin.

THANK YOU FELLOW MEMBERS !! We'll keep you posted

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