To a certain lady  

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To a certain lady

I kept seeing her at different times of the day; a face in a car on her way to work in the morning, sashaying her way down Main Street with friends or around Tesco’s. It’s not a face that you forget easily; shoulder length blonde hair framing grey blue eyes and a Mona Lisa smile. She is a beautiful woman and I know my camera would love her, but you can’t really ask someone to model when their daughters are begging for some forbidden fruit from the sweet aisle. So I’ve had to bide my time. Then this afternoon, as I was shopping in Tesco’s, there she was. For a while I trailed behind her ‒ not obviously following, but making sure that she was alone. She’s wearing a light cotton summer dress, with pencil straps over her shoulder that tie in the small of her back and strap heel sandals. When the opportunity came, I grabbed it with both hands and screw up my courage to the sticking point. A bizarre location to ask (by the freezer cabinets as she put some food in to her trolley) but it did mean that when she turned to me I couldn’t help but notice her two nipples made hard and erect by the chill air.

“Hi, look erm, I know this sounds’ really lame and I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but you would be a great model for photos,” as I say this, her smile grows “and if you’re willing, I’d really love to take some photos of you that you can keep”.

She leans her head to one side “Sounds interesting. When you say photos, what do you mean?” Her voice is soft and weaves through the air; damn it’s as sexy as her face.

“Ah well, that’s up to you really. Look, I’m a freelance photographer; my studio is just around the corner. We could go there for a coffee and talk more about it if you like?” I just about suggest without tripping up over my mouth. Close up this woman is very sensual. The way she holds her head, how her shoulders move and how her hair glides in the current.

“Hmmm. Sure ‒ but not coffee, I hate it.” With that, we introduce each other and agree to go my studio leaving our shopping behind. Hell, it’s open 24 hours a day and food takes second place to photos of gorgeous women.

We get back to the studio, make tea and talk about photos. I explain that I freelance for national and regional papers on sports stories and taking pictures of beautiful woman is something private ‒ I need to be discrete for me and for the women, as they’re not always single. All the way through this, she nods, smiling and open.

Finally, she agrees, “So do you want me naked straight away or do you have some costume that you want me to wear?”

“Well you have such a lovely summer dress on, if you’re comfortable, just undress and I’ll take photos. If I need you to do something, I’ll say. Ok?” She agrees, moves towards the pad where the lights are set up and I pick up my camera as I turn on the stereo.

Looking through the viewfinder I see a woman comfortable with her sexuality and her body; she moves with a languid grace to the beat of the music. She smiles and her eyes are wide and glistening as I start taking pictures. I give her the occasional directions; lift you shoulder a bit or drop your hip a tad, but other than that, this lady makes love to the camera.

“Ok; if you’re still comfortable and when you’re ready, if you want to undress” I suggest.
She turns her back and looking over her shoulder she eases one strap off. It falls to her side as her hands rise to her breasts to catch the front. Then leaning forward from the waist she lifts the skirt to expose her bum. It’s perfect ‒ soft, rounded and smooth. My camera clicking like a machine gun, she rises and turns to let the front of her dress fall from her waist. With hands on her hips, she stands with legs apart and her magnificent breasts with erect nipples. My god this lady is sexy and I try to remain professional but my cock betrays me. It’s now rock hard and throbbing in my trousers; I know the trousers are fairly loose, so there will be a very prominent bulge in the front. She must see, as a hungry smile has lit up her face and her eyes are like lasers looking at my groin. Turning around, she moves her hips from side to side and her dress moves against her; her bum inviting and teasing. Then lifting her hands in the air, she slowly lowers them down her side, stroking her hips and down her thighs. To her knees, her hands travel and then back up to grasp the back of skirt from the front which she pulls between her legs. This pulls the dress tight against her butt to frame them perfectly. My hands are sweating slightly and my grip on the camera needs to be relaxed; I didn’t know that I was gripping it so tightly, my blood is hot wire through my veins and my heart thuds in my ears.

“If you’re up to it; I’ve a bed set up over here where I can take some more pictures if you like?”
“Of course ‒ I’d love that. Just how sexy would you like me to get?” she asks.

“That’s is entirely up to you. I’ve done some fairly explicit stuff in my time.” I just about manage to say without croaking. Damn if this lady gets sexier my cock is going to explode.
Moving to the bed she discards the last of her skirt, letting it fall like a leaf and moves on to the bed. Lying on her back she crosses one leg over the other and puts her hands behind her head. Her breasts and nipples stand erect, hard and firm, her legs are long and languid and her hair lies across her shoulders and chest.
“I have one condition to this,” she softly murmurs “I’ll give you the show of your life. But you have to be naked.”

Gulping, I put down the camera and hesitantly begin to undress. Unfortunately I don’t have the rhythm that she does and my undressing isn’t so sexy. But she smiles and nods approvingly as I take off my shirt, undo and take off my trousers. Thank god for keeping up my exercise, keeping my thighs firm and my stomach in. So I stand there, naked, my cock throbbing and hard and glistening with precum juices.

She looks me up and down, “That’s better. You have lovely thighs ‒ do you run?”

“No ‒ I cycle just about every day ‒ 20 or 30 miles depending on the weather.” And with that I pick up my camera and begin snapping again.
She lies on the bed and lets her hands slowly move up and down her chest, over her breasts clasping them closer to her, as her legs slowly writhe with her hips rolling from one side to the other. Her eyes occasionally close and half open, a flush is coming across her chest as she plays with her nipples, tweaking, pulling and pinching until they’re inflamed and hard; then taking one breast in her hand, her other running through her hair, then over her chest down to her stomach and back to her mouth. She opens her mouth and slips her forefinger inside, sucking, licking and slowly drawing it in and out shining and wet just like a cock. As her eyes open, she brings her knees up and lets them ease apart to show her pussy. It lies there moist and inviting, clean shaven and neat. My cock is throbbing and pulsing with the blood rushing through it, as she gently glides her finger down to her clit. Slowly and gently rubbing in small circular motions, she begins to excite herself. My camera is taking pictures of its own accord as I watch her bring herself closer to orgasm. My god I’ve never seen such a sensual woman, so at ease with a public display and so horny. I watch her and I can feel my body is burning with craving, I’m shaking with desire.

She looks straight in to the camera and sliding her finger in and out of her, says “I wish this was your cock inside me.” My heart leaps out of my chest, as her finger moves in and out. It’s wet and shiny.

“God, I’m aching to fuck you as well; but I want to watch you bring yourself off first.” I reply and putting my camera on to the tripod I start to play with myself, slowly stroking my cock with one hand as I take photos with the other.

“Fuck, that’s horny.” She says; her hand tweaking her nipples and the other alternatively sliding in and out or playing with her clit, I can see her breath is getting faster and a hot flush creeps across her chest. “I want you to come over me” she orders “stop taking those photos and come over here”

I move to one side of the bed and standing there one hand pulling back on my foreskin until the glistening head is exposed. It’s purple head shining, its shaft hard, swollen, the veins engorged. She reaches over and takes my balls in one hand and with her fingernails tickles just behind them. The sensation is amazing and shivers run up my back. I open my legs to make it easier for her to reach and she takes my balls in her hand and gently pulls them down. This is a strange sensation, but very powerful as it eases the pressure that had been building but not the desire. I watch as she plays with herself, I can smell her juices and her excitement. It’s wonderful. She starts to moan and writhe, squeezing and playing with my balls as I reach down with my other hand and cup her breast in one hand. The skin is hot, beads of sweat are forming on her chest and running down her beautiful breasts in tiny rivulets, her nipple is standing proud, still red from where she has tweaked and played. I take this between thumb and forefinger, rolling, pulling and then letting my nails nip the end. She lets out a gasp and writhes slightly on the bed, and then coming up on to one elbow she bows her head down to my cock. She lets it slide in to her wet warm mouth, over the front teeth and her tongue flicks around it. She takes me deeply and slowly, sucking when she takes me in and humming when her head moves back. The dual sensation of a hard suck followed by a hum is incredible; I struggle to catch my breath. I have never felt such a sensation before. Her hand has moved around to my backside, and she pulls me closer to her. Sinking her fingernails in to the skin and drawing them down to the top of my thigh she gets another grasp of pleasure from me. Looking down, her other hand is now stroking her pussy, my fingers are pulling and tweaking her nipples so that they become red and swollen. The passion inside is building to a crescendo, my cock is throbbing inside her sweet mouth as she plays with the head with her tongue and teeth.

“Oh shit I’m going to come soon” The words escape from my mouth in a near breathless torrent. She opens her eyes and I can see that she is also close to coming as well, her rolling hand playing with her clit is moving urgently now, her chest has a blush from shoulder to shoulder, down across her breasts and up her neck. Her humming is sublime, her scratching nails a counterpoint to the sweetness of her tongue and she’s building me up to a most amazing orgasm. I can feel the pressure swelling up inside me, gushing towards my cock, closing my eyes I see flashes of colour and hear my heart exploding in my head and with a starburst my world explodes. I come and my cock jumps like a cat on a hot tin roof, hot semen shots in to her mouth and she takes every part, swallowing and licking the head clean. Her hand is still rubbing her clit; this isn’t fair. This lady has just given me the most amazing blow job and she’s not come yet. I lean over her, lying down between her legs and move her hand away. My tongue licks up her thigh, my hands stroke up the outside of her legs and taking hold of hips, I pull her towards me. My tongue seeks out her wet pussy and clit. She tastes of excitement and of woman, I take deep licks, short flicks across her lips, then sharp rolls over her clit as she squirms’ on the bed. With one hand, I slide a finger just inside her pussy to find a spot just inside and on the top wall of her vagina. It’s swollen and very sensitive to the touch, as I gently stroke with my fingernail and lick her with my tongue. She reaches down with her hands and places them on my head. Pushing me in to her, she grinds her hips in to my face, pushing my face deeper in to her.

“Oh fuck that’s so good. Oh shit, don’t fucking stop; keep licking!” her voice is insistent, her words falling out of her mouth in quick grasps. “oh Jesus I’m going to come” and with that, her hips thrust more solidly and she ejaculates in to my mouth. It tastes sweet, powerful and hot. As I begin to lick the last of her juices from her pussy and the top of her thighs, she grabs my hair and lifts my head.
“I want your cock inside me. But first, I need a drink.”

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I much prefer the chiller cabinets you have to lean in to - put all the produce at the back and watch women reach in

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