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12/13/2005 2:08 pm

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Really, I am not a mean cruel bitch, I am actually a very passionate and compassionate woman. I do my best not to be judgmental, biased, prejudiced or any other thing that would lessen the dignity and integrity of others, I am not free from sin, and I do not like casting any stones, HOWEVER:

CAN’T MEN READ FOR CHRIST SAKE? I believe although not a PhD in literary arts, that I can express myself well enough in my written verbiage that your average 10th grader could read it, maybe, well maybe not if they were Public School grads. I digress.

My PROFILE states in a very clear manner what I am looking for on this site, I have read it, and proofed it to the best of this writer’s ability. It makes sense, it makes a statement and includes details-SPECIFIC details about what I am looking for here. I know that, all God’s children who have any reading comprehension skills should know that! BUT GUESS WHAT- THEY DON’T!

What is up with these men who can’t read? Do they merely look at pictures and then come up with some non witty one or two liners-type them out and press send, and read only the parts about pussy and cock and leave out the rest?

With all due respect Gentlemen; I know most of you are very horny, randy males looking for a woman, especially a good looking sexy woman, and there are many on here. I would venture a guess that most of these ladies at least give some kind of hint as to what kind of man they are willing to get together with and have sex. I think that is a fair proclamation, do you Gentlemen agree? Then if you do agree, why don’t you to whom this applies read the profile, read the additional information that us ladies take time to write and sharpen up your reading skills just enough to read what is being said, and who is being sought in terms of a male?

Maybe it goes like this; a man sees a woman on here and immediately sees if the picture or …not does anything for him and just writes. A shot in the dark playing the odds that he will score and reading the profile is just words that are seemingly meaningless, they promote him to get even more turned on and for the keys on his computer and the dialogue box to respond he goes to put his clever one or two liner to print. Hitting send instantaneously with a hopeful dick in hand. Well, this may be harsh, but it certainly seems as though this is the case.

So Gentlemen, write if you will, how long does it take to think up some dumb one liner? The best part is that it takes me less time to hit the DELETE button, so in this case again, the ladies win!

SofftlySecret 48F
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12/13/2005 3:14 pm

AMEN woman....I've been chatting for a long time, and the biggest thing I cant overcome is the tunnel vision that most men have. Its INSANE how some of these men think they know what we want. Even though we have put the effort, time and real meaning into what we say, they have the standard "Wanna fuck?" attitude, assuming that the polite part was to wait til we were done saying what we had to say. Too bad they cant understand if they put some effort into wipin the drool off their chin and applying some handwork to a pencil instead of their cocks we'd have some much better integration

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