A Letter I just had to write to AMobofOne who just can't stop insulting me and calling me vile names  

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12/16/2005 1:07 pm

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A Letter I just had to write to AMobofOne who just can't stop insulting me and calling me vile names

After MobOfOne calling me a bitch, stupid cunt, enough I had to write him the fairly civilized letter as enough of a little guy insulting you is frankly-ENOUGH!
So MobOfOne I sent this to you and now I think it is time I post it...your name calling is totally out of control and you need someone to expose you for the crap you pull not only on me but on other women on this site no doubt!

Yo Mobster:
I love that stance in your primary photo, I can only imagine, you have fantasies of being a “wiseguy” Cam mere you little bitch und gat dun on dem knees fer I slap yer pie hole shat! Adolph Hitler was a short guy too, as have been many serial killers. Actually, I would not have made your less than male average height an issue, then, I read your verbiage. You have little or no respect for women unless they meet your unreasonable expectations.

1. You’d prefer a virgin so you could break her in “right” and not have to feel all those insecurities about the men she had before meeting a wonderful guy like you.

2. I can see by your grammar and spelling that you do have more education or at least spell check than most of the men that write me. However, you are threatened, by a female who expresses her opinion and has the ability to challenge your pious self- righteousness and exaggerated sense of your own self, being enamored by a delusional intelligence that is mostly pseudo. More precisely, perhaps, you will not be passing the tests administered to become a MENSA member any time soon.

3. Yes, I am cheating on my husband, but I made no secret of that. Albeit, and I don’t think moral conviction or belief in a deity has anything to do with your disgust at adultery or infidelity, the thought of a woman two-timing you turns your stomach and pains your heart. The reason may well be, that, it has happened to you perhaps on more than one occasion. It destroyed your ego and now as an ego defense mechanism you rail in self righteous piety about cheating women, castigate, criticize, subjugate, demean and insult because the thought is an anathema to you.

4. Anathema? While you are an extremely judgmental person, you would fuck a married woman in a heartbeat, if you felt safe with no threat of an angry big old husband coming to kick the shit out of you or worse.

5. You obviously like to accentuate your pathetic points by name calling, a sure sign of ignorance and stupidity. Like playing the race card when intellect would be a much better discourse. When you resort to name calling you lose…simple as that! Bitch, cunt, slut, whore, bitch, all words that misogamist use towards women when they can neither stand a chance with them or the woman does not step and fetch-as I am sure you want women to do when in your presence.

6. You see Mob guy, real men do not call women names, in spite of all they may think about a woman. In your case, you wrote me first. The reason being you found me tremendously sexy, which I am with over 300 responses 289 of which are drooling to entice me with telling me what they believe I want to hear and advertising they have exactly what I want and can stand up to my “strict” criteria which you so non eloquently illuminated in calling psycho babble and conceit.

7. The question would be, why in the hell did you feel this overwhelming compulsion to write me at all? Doing so illustrates that you have some serious psychopathology surrounding women you lust after but could never have, and that is only the beginning of your troubled mind’s problems. You epitomize a little guy that just has to get his two cents in, whether it is asked for or not, thinking the world at large is really interested in your opinion, sorry, MobOfOne the world does not really care what you think. In fact, you don’t light up a room or stand out in a crowd nor are you the life of the party, unless of course you get drunk and mouth off or try and prove your manhood by getting in some bigger and taller man’s face. In that case, guys like you know somebody will break up the fight before the big fellow hurts you-and in the end, it makes you appear as though you are a tough guy, in spite of the fact you only perceive yourself that way. If you can get past yourself, you would recognize that you are a coward and a scared little man. Now that was called for because only such a man would write the shit you wrote to me, when I did not ask for it nor deserve it.

Now, tough guy, you are not a member of the Gambino crime family nor any other crime family, you are not a “Wiseguy” although you damn sure know how to wise off! Of course, all of what I have written will be bullshit to you, that is a foregone conclusion, the ran- tings and ravings of a cunt, slut, bitch, whore, et. al.
You did ask me when I thanked you for your addition to my blog if what I wrote in two short lines was the best I had, frankly, no in a word. I actually, have better than this but haven’t the time or inclination to put the verbiage to paper.

Have a nice day there,

Infidelityisme–and I love it!
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workinmamma 34F
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12/16/2005 2:08 pm

coming from a female i have to tell you VERY nice job. i think you just said what most women cant say and damn where did it all come from well wherever it did i am going to say thank you for all women who have ever been called one of those disgusting names.

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