she went out to dinner, or did she?  

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8/9/2005 2:59 pm

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she went out to dinner, or did she?

(My first time to take a girl to dinner)...
By accident?
So, was going out to eat with some friends, something I do every week. This time i invited a young woman to accompany me, for the first time. My friends think Im gay, im not! so, I was going to show them this wonder woman...

We got to the restuarant were having a wonderful time. when I get a call froms my friends saynig they couldn't join me,"Alright," I thought, "I can have dinner with her."

The evening was meagerly droll,(it didn't go well). But she seemed to be enjoying herself, and I was as well.

Anyway, we arrived at her doorstep, where she seemed to be stalling, for some reasonI didnt know, I was new at that, so she leaned in to kiss me, and heaven help me I shook her hand. I'm deathly afraid of kissing, because of a bad experience you'll learn of later.

But, I have been ridiculed all since then, It has been a terrible month...

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