The Three little pigs, and thier personality disorders...  

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9/2/2005 5:42 pm

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The Three little pigs, and thier personality disorders...

Everyone knows the three little pigs,from the pigs side of the story. Let me tell you an objective side of the story.

In all honesty the pigs had problems. The wolf came to the first door and said, "little pig little pig let me in," the pig replied, "Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin."

First of all I believe the pig had social anxiety disorder in which he wouldn't let the wolf in. Was the pigs house a mess, a pigstie? Second of all he was extremely self concious, due to the fact that he mentioned his facial hair in common conversation. He must have also had some kind of hippie parents due to the fact that he made his home out of straw.

To the next pig, the same symptoms with the added fact that he had made his home out of sticks, so he was obviously some kind of red neck pig, and complecations from that might have altered his thinking.

The last pig might have had security issues due to the fact he had built his home out of brick, and to be able to afford this he must have been wealthy so it is easy to see why he wouldn't want company ruining his home.

All in all I believe the three little pigs story should be a little reminder that people who seem to be sane are seen to be absolutely insane when seen objectively...

Good evening, I hope you enjoyed that.

Bossman18013 53M/53F

9/2/2005 7:05 pm

That was one of the craziest things I have read. Gee, I just thought that the pigs didn't want to get eaten by the wolf. Who has issues?? LOL

Iloveitdontyou 32M

9/3/2005 1:23 pm

thanks, I thought that up the other day... ya'll are wonderful

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