Rage Against the Machine (not the band)  

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7/21/2006 7:49 pm

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Rage Against the Machine (not the band)

Today I continued my struggle with the city of Norfolk. The crux of the matter is I want to build my parents a home, and the city keeps changing the rules! Now I get to request yet another continuance from the planning commission while I regroup and change my plans. All in order to please the latest in a long string of "public servants".
I wrote the following piece when I first suspected my marriage was breaking up. I find it as appropriate today as it was then.


I Rage at the arbitrary nature of the world.
Where love can be so freely given
And so niggardly returned.
Where hope is an orphaned child left to wander the streets,
Alone, ever alone.

Time and circumstance gather together
In a malevolent pairing bent on the total eradication
Of all that is good and caring in my soul.

I Rage at "outrageous fortune",
At the contempt of familiarity and the despite of charity.

Rage, Rage,
Do not consume me.
I fear, and my fear in its helplessness turns inwards,
And outwards,
Into the blackest Rage.

I Rage.

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