Igottahaveit69 56M
34 posts
7/20/2006 6:13 pm

I miss the soothing gentleness
Of your every word.
I miss the soft caresses
Of the things that you write,
The turn of a phrase,
The catch in your voice.

I have never talked to you
And yet I hear your voice
Whispering in the wind
Dancing in the moonlight.

I have never laid eyes on you
But I see your face
In the sunrise and the sunset
In the dusk and the dawn of my life.

I yearn for your tenderness.
My soul longs for your touch.
My body is a flame with my desire.
My mind is tuned only to you.

You have truly captured me.
Mind and spirit.
My darling, my love,
My hope and my prayer.
I am yours for the taking.

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