Hopeful and yet still muddeling along  

Igottahaveit69 56M
34 posts
7/28/2006 8:40 pm
Hopeful and yet still muddeling along

Yes people, yet another attempt at stirring someone's emotions. It beats the hell out of work though.


The sun will set tonight
Only to rise in the morn
So like love, so like hope
Eternally waxing and waning
Warming and then cooling
The opposite poles
Of the same emotion
Eternally at odds with each other
Yin and Yang, Light and dark
Neither able to exist
Without the other
In constant attendance
A pas de deux of emotion
A graceful dance of joy and pain
Ever spinning, ever moving
Always a surprise
A gift that comes unexpected
Often unwanted
Yet missed when it is gone
Yes, the sun will set tonight
And it will rise again
The sun will rise!

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