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I Believe: that Love is the highest aspiration of humanity. There is no love that is wrong. There is no hate that is right.

I Believe: that Hate is an abomination, a belittling of the individual soul and the entire world.

I Believe: that all life is precious, and that a person of conscience needs to understand that before they end any life, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

I Believe: that there are no simple answers to any of life’s questions. All answers are compromises and value judgments made by the individual.

I Believe: that there is no RIGHT, no WRONG, and no TRUTH that is knowable by man. These are shifting concepts that change with time and are knowable only in the lowercase by beings such as ourselves who live in the lowercase.

I Believe: every person has a responsibility to every other person, the responsibility to help and guide, to protect and defend, to comfort and listen. Never to judge. How can one judge another unless they know everything about them?

I Believe: in God (no matter which gender that you assign or what name that you call out with).

I Believe: that God is the only being that has the ability to comprehend any concept in its absolute state. RIGHT, WRONG, and TRUTH above all are knowable by God and God alone.

I Believe: in the freedom of choice in all things. It is inconceivable to me that my beliefs are totally right. God set forth at the very beginning this fundamental freedom. God placed the trees in the garden. God made all the rules, but still gave the right to choose to all of the creatures in the cosmos. Being all-powerful, could not God have taken the trees from the garden? Being all knowing, didn’t God foresee that the fruit would be eaten? If God did not remove the freedom for each being to choose their path in life, how can we?

I Believe: that abortion is wrong. It is a hurtful act to all concerned. It diminishes every one of us. Yet, I would not take away the right of a person to choose that option.

I Believe: that overpopulation, unrestrained propagation of the species, and uncontrolled conception are wrong. These things lead to the necessity of further choices. The choice of forcing other life out of existence. All life being precious, conception is the most far reaching choice any person makes in their life. Every life form kills other life forms to maintain their own existence. This is one of the only things that I know. As thinking beings we must all attempt to understand the consequences of our choices.

I Believe: that every choice has consequences. No choice is ever completely good and un-hurtful. No choice is ever fully bad and hurtful. Even not choosing is a choice, and has consequences. We cannot let our fear of those consequences to stop us from making choices. Yet we should not chose blindly. Life and its’ choices should be examined. Only then can you choose the path that will lead to enlightenment.
I Believe: that no being is simple. I was taught that we all were created in God’s image. How can we ever hope to understand God unless we understand ourselves?

I Believe: that nothing is impossible. What was impossible yesterday is commonplace today. If a thing can be conceived, it can be done. This is not saying that all things should be done. Some things should never be attempted if we wish to continue our existence.

I Believe: that legislating morality is an exercise in futility. Morality must be taught so that it is at the core of our beings, not laid upon us like a cloak by lawmakers. For thousands of years all persons of faith have known that killing is wrong. Every holy book known to man has its’ version of “Thou shalt not kill”, and yet theologians of every type have legislated exceptions. Humans still kill even knowing that it is wrong. Very few of us have stood up to this great abomination and said “ENOUGH” (most of those people were killed for their effort).

I Believe: that the only way to a better world is to know your beliefs, live them and teach them by your example. This is what I believe in. Who knows, I may just be right about one or two of them.

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I Believe: that Love is the highest aspiration of humanity. There is no love that is wrong. There is no hate that is right.

Love is the healer....

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

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