Sexy Best Friend - Perhaps too much temptation  

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7/9/2005 1:37 am

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Sexy Best Friend - Perhaps too much temptation

I have known this girl, my friend, for over 16 years. Being 21, you can tell this has been a very long time in my opinion. Over the many years she has grown into a beautiful woman, one many men find attractive, myself includded. Love is there on both sides, as is an attraction, but we have been too scared to move on them. This has caused her and I to both be , and her been treated like a whore, something she is not. I have been cast aside by many women as the "brother" type friend for the bad boy type guys that so far have done nothing but break all their hearts. But that's another story.

My friend and I have almost done what our bodies want several times. Each time she breaks it off, scared that my cock might be too big for her, or I do, knowing that we're not ready for such a relationship. But tonight, god, she teased me for hours in the sexy tight red dress that clings to her body. Her breasts aren't that big so she doesn;t need a bra, her nipples were straining against it, hard a a rock, and big for such little tits. So wonderfully flick and suckable. She then proceeds to strip in front of me and then get into this slik unbuttoned shirt and panties. I gave her a massage, one that missed every part of her body I so desperatly wanted to touch, to kiss, to lick and fuck. She turns me on so much, my cock, despite being held down by really tight boxer briefs had made his presense known. I ended the night, her falling asleep and me having to go home with a bad case of blue balls and an urge to fuck that I almost can;t deal with.

And here I am...

I wish my friend would become more open about our relationship and give in. I know she wants it. I can see it in her eyes when she sees my cock.

Yeah I whined, but damn.

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