Out of date. Obsolete. Old model.  

Idunno135 33M
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7/20/2005 12:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Out of date. Obsolete. Old model.

All of these things mean the same.

The people in my life have pretty much replaced me. Here I am things looking up in my life and along comes oldy enough, a man named "Buddy". So I think no mind about him. He seems okay, a bit out of it, he has ADHD among many "other" problems, I don;t mind that, everyone's got problems. My best friend has latched onto this guy. Another one of her "Broken animals" to lead around I suppose. She says do not worry about him, not to be worried about him moving in.

Day four, he has been at her house EVERY TIME I AM THERE... He is VERY touchy feely with her, he gropes her, rubs her in places I can;t even think about because I have gotten in trouble about. He also does massage. She said at first I was better but since he is over every waking moment she is there he has learned much. So now she won;t even say that.

This guy has come and taken everything I had and held dear for years in four days. now I sit there as he does things to her and she doesn;t really stop him. How can I be oblivious when she looks at me in wonder as why I am frowning as his hand is grasping at her upper inner thigh.

I must be stupid to keep on loving her. But I don;t see how I can do anything else. This is probably a fling. This guy needs a does of humility and needs to stop taking viagra every day (Or jerk the fuck off I don;t want to see his thing every time I am around him.) and start looking in relaity.

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