Feeling the burn... Enough is enough...  

Idunno135 33M
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11/9/2005 7:44 am

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Feeling the burn... Enough is enough...

I know I have a overactive sex drive... It gets me into trouble more often than not hense why I came here... But frankly given the lack of action is beggining to drive me up the wall. I've started back doing what I did before... jerking off more and more to the point I have worn the skin down on my cock in one spot... I am so fucking horny...

Even at work I get these hardons that pop up for no reason. Now when I get a hardon they really REALLY show. I had a gaggle of young women walk by when this happened once and they started talking and pointing at it, giggling... Seriously didn't help because I became more aroused.

I've even gone back to the backroom and wacked off a few times because I just can't take the feeling... I need release.

I dunno if I can handle this much longer... If it keeps up I am gonna scream. I am going the Texas Ren Fair these comming two sundays... Maybe I'll fuck a wench until my dick's content. I doubt it but it almost happened a few years back... THis time I am alot more bold than I was then. NOt to mention not a virgin.

Idunno135 33M

11/21/2005 10:12 pm

    Quoting BlueLovinLatina:
    Wore the skin down? ouch!!!

    Poor Idunno!

    Did you get to fuck a girl at the Ren fair? Hope so.
Nope... And frankly I felt the people I went with just made me feel like I was a third wheel.

Grrr... Even if I did show intrest in some women and bagan talking to them my best friend got all jealous and got in the way. It's probably better this way anyway...

It appears my sister was there and last thing I needed was to get kicked out of the park for doing something she could find out about.

casino747 57F

11/29/2005 11:19 pm

Oh baby, You still have not gotten any.Let me take you under my wings, and turn you out young man.Lets talk sometimes and see if I can help you out.

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