Day two: Where the hell are we now?????  

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10/6/2005 5:41 pm

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Day two: Where the hell are we now?????

Day two: 8 am, everyone is groggily getting up except for me. Having slept in hundreds of motels and such in my younger years I had this internal alarm clock that woke me up without fail. I awoke bright and happy.

After we loaded up everyone in the car we headed over to el-cheapo gas. Thank god everyone paid for gas for the rest of the trip. It mighta been cheap but something happened that I will get too later on.

I got onto 35 north and totally forgot that 46 (The road we needed for most of the trip) had it's exit closed. SO I got off and turned left.

Now I never said this but I am nicknamed after an anime character who I share many similar traits too. Namely, the ability to get lost in a wet paper bag and end up on the other side of a major city in ten minutes thinking I was still in that bag. Hibiki, the eternally lost boy.

I turn left thinking that this road would connect to 46. (I left the map in the motel) It was a 45 minute detour, the only reason Nudie stayed quiet is we stopped off and got a lot of booze. Somehow I managed to get back onto 46 and in a little amount of time got us to Bourne. Now I managed to somehow put us on the right road we needed without realizing and after getting directions we headed down the road.

I love to coast. Basically use the car's momentum and travel using basically no gas. This hilly area was perfect. I got about 500 miles that day without having to fill up, on what at most was suppose to get me little over 300. we saw the turn off to the "Cave with no Name", our first destination. It became a dirt road and me allowing my car to coast, we we're going about 60 miles an hour.

I love to drive wild. I slammed the car into drive and tore up the road. 80 miles an hour down a winding gravel road. God my smile was beyond belief and our girl was just loving it as well.
I wasn;t scared at all I knew my car well enough to do it.

Nudie use to be in the army. Nudie was in Iraq and was in fire fights alot. Nudie despite all this was screaming in terror as I drifted through a unknown corner on dirt. Maybe that was why I was smiling so much. It shoulda taken us 30 minutes to get there. I got us there in three.

I didn;t let off the gas until I saw the sign. The I slide into the parking lot and braked until I tapped a fallen tree that served as the marker of the parking spaces. I felt... refreshed. almost perfect parking.

Our mutual friend has seen me drive in houston before was wasn;t scared all that much. Nudie didn't say much for a few minutes as his pride struggled to defend it's self. We walked in and they said nothing. Maybe it was the slide... I dunno.

Nudie was trying to buy everything under the sun for our girl while smirking at me, he knew I didn't have more than 30 bucks to my name. Have I mentioned I don't like Nudie.

FInally we go on this tour. It was fraking cool! We had the whole cave to ourselves and instead of the usual hour tour we recieved a wonderfully in depth tour that mentioned many things.

I took about 400 pictures of the same 20 or so bats that lived in the cave year round. Amazing since those bats shouldn't even be there, they are hundreds of miles outside their normal range.

There was one section of the cave that was so large you could have a 200+ attendance wedding in it... Hmmm... Food for thought...

There were many interesting things about the whole cave, start to finnish and we were able to find nearly all the wildlife that lives in the cave. All but salamanders that lived in the underground river there.

Finally the beauty had to end and we began our trip back up began. We gasped for breath. It was only five of us and all of us had horrible times breathing the thicker and hotter air of the outside. The average temp in the cave is 66F. I couldn;t imagine being in a group of people going that like their normal 50 people per trip that I saw in their logs.

Nudie begins to spend about a hundred dollars on her which she takes and smiles. I look around the guest shop for about 30 minutes. I was the one who was quickest to recover and finally as everyone went outside to try and get some fresh air choose two simple items and a plushie roadrunner for my grandmother Shelton who loves roadrunners. Both gifts I got her she loved and uses nearly everytime I see her. A beaituful hair clip with cut stones making a white lotus among green emerald, and a small geode keychain I forgot was in there (It was for me) but she loved anyway so I kept my mouth shut.

Another 80 mile trip down the road we started on me being more crazed since I know where I am going. I kept up the speed on the concrete road using the gravel's slick to allow my car to pull something out of a Initial D Manga.

Onto the next local of our trip. Dino tracks at Hondo state park. Silyl me thought Hondo was on I-10. SO when we Hit I-10, much sooner than I thought, I went west remembering that Hondo was west of where 46 let us out. Two hours later we are in Harper, me and our dear lady have had a ball but the other two are outright hostile at us both. We trade the female with the mutual friend when I stop for directions and find RED DAIMOND SWEET TEA! One of my fave drinks. After a gallon is in my tummy I find out while I am 80 miles north of Hondo there ARE Dino tracks not five miles down the road, it was on private property but they are usually nice about it the clerk says. She very much hits on me, but frankly with a half alseep hottie on my shoulder I couldn't really realize until now.

We head off and manage to find a little one lane road called "Dinosaur Trail" Lane. Sadly it was all for naught. No way to ask anyone there cause no one was home.

So off to Hondo we go and after another hour of traveling we gave up. We end up at Fredricksburg at 5:50 that night. Don;t ask, I cannot really tell you. We stop off at a DQ, a fact that if nearly every town in Texas has a DQ. As long as the town is big enough, you can never starve. But GAWD! I ordered Nachos. It was MIcrowaved hororr! The girl who messed up was really hitting on me and the other two guys. I got free food but I had lost my appatite from the Cheese chip thing. In the end, though all of this Our girl hasn;t paid a single dime for food or the trip. We didn;t even try and pay for her was the scary thing.

So after getting hit on by the tree 18 year olds running the DQ I try and buy a blizzard. Card denied. Apparently somewhere through this I over spent. ...That pissed me off. Two guys complaing about the 400 some odd miles _I_ drove and the fact My best friend was keeping me company had pissed them off to the point they were gonna scream. If they had I woulda hoped they could call a cab. I was furious by the fact they this was My friend's birthday trip and those two unless they got to have her all to themselves they wouldn;t stop complaining. So for once, I was the reasonable one. After food we struck out for the motel. Honestly I think for a good portion of that trip I entertained them all with coasting. a total of 27 miles on one coast was the record.

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