Day two: Part two: Confession  

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10/6/2005 5:49 pm

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Day two: Part two: Confession

By 11:00 we're back and out comes the booze. A bottle of Jack for Nuddie, some Vodka for our friend and rum for me and my Bestfriend. SO we get into drinking and the rum's okay. I don;t care much for the rest. SO I stick to rum, having about four shots of that and about two of the others. I am tipsy for the first time in my life. I can walk and talk and think striaght for the most part but everyone else is getting smashed except for my friend. She is mostly in control given hard shit doesn;t mess with her as quick as the bubblies do. SO we are talking and drawing, we're artists after all, and up pops my sex life. And for the life of me I cannot resist saying the one thing I havn't told her. Almost six months of hiding it from her it pops out. "I was ." She looks startled for the moment. The booze was having an affect I suppose. It was like truth syrum for me. She stays quiet as I tell her everything. And when I finnish she does something I would never expect.

She smiles.

"That's great" she says about me taking control and having sex, she pays little mind to the part, something I am thankful for. "Know you know what it is like. I don;t mind." She herself has had many partners, but I don't hold that against her, though I will kill that man who her and made her do so much pain to herself. She wanted me to have many partners, become good at sex and such. "Because when we do get together you will know what it's like, and I for one want you at your best." Yeah i blushed at that. There wasn't any doubt of us in that moment. We WOULD get together. I scooted a little closer to her and she pressed back against me, the other two were so smashed they were almost on top of each other... I think Nudie is Bi. I almost kissed her, but thought better. No booze, no sickness, no nothing to possibly taint it. When I kiss her it will be because we want to, like all things in our relationship, it will be mutual. A partnership.

She asks how I feel about Girl M. I look to her with a seriousness I didn;t know I had and said:

"Annie" Hense why I call her Girl A. "To you, every other girl would be second best." She smiles very brightly even though she is blushing and rubs against something a little more firmly.
"Good" She responds.

She is geting drunker by the second I realize now, and help her to bed in the room next door she and Nudie are sharing. Nudie is shacking our emo friend so much he pucked on Nudie. HIlarious if you ask me. Nudie, given his "Highly superior drinking skills than mine" as he put it is almost sober by this point. As I tuck her into bed the tow come romping over like two big dogs and hop ON her... Idiots. They are acting stupidly because I was laying next to her talking her to sleep like I always do. SO here she was surrounded by men, all of which I believe were topless by then or in various states of undress, honestly I don't nor want to know what Nudie was doing to our friend on the other bed. I paid no attention to them, FInally after a few minutes they get up and leaver her, she now really doesn;t fele good but wants to be left alone. I kiss her forehead and wish her goodnight. I tell her I love her which she says as well with a smile and I close the door between out rooms. I feel good, and I realize that I drove 497 miles that day. The weight of the trip weighs down upon me and I succumb to sleep. I know it was the best sleep I have had in a VERY long time. No more hiding, no more things between us. and frankly, my bed smells of her.

It was nice.

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