Day Three: What? A storm comming right at Houston?  

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10/10/2005 12:17 am

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Day Three: What? A storm comming right at Houston?

I swear I hate waking up with another male in the room. For one, I don;t really care much for men in general. Two: Getting a scream because I had mornining wood pretty bad. FOur or five days without doing anything to myself and then sleeping with her sent on the sheets probably did me in. I always have a problem with letting my cock go down without some Manual work so it took about an hour for me to finally get soft enough to dare move out of bed. The Annie is awake but Nudie is dead to the world. Annie is still drunk I realize and apparently she puked all over Nudie right after I went to bed. Sweet revenge I guess.

We set out to go to the Fair that was suppose ot be opening that day, we had every intention of getting home by 10:00 pm. By the time we arrive at the fair grounds they are just STARTING to put it together! It doesn;t open until 6 we find out, and given it's a four hour drive back (At most) we knew we couldn;t wait that long.

So we turn back and head home early, and woo hoo, we find out as we get onto I-10 that a Hurricane is comming right at Houston and we need to evacuate Houston ASAP. I also recieve a message saying my work wanted me to take a position in Men's shoes. two hours later we arrive in houston and go to dinner at Annie's fav place to eat. We head home, disperse and that is the end of our trip.

I get home just in time to help put wood on the windows of the house. Oh JOY~!

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