Come over?  

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7/26/2005 4:21 pm

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Come over?

Somedays I wonder just what I am to people.

Girl A: my best friend, wants me to come over. Most times it is to be there for her. She is sick alot, and always worries about being alone. 99% of the time I fold and go over. as of late 70% of the time I go over some guy is there already. Though she doesn't say it I think I am there so the guy can stay later without her family getting upset and kicking the guy out. Her family trusts me, even treat me like a son sometimes. Kinda nice. Girl A always wants massages, unless the guy "buddie" is there and I just sit doing nothing for three or four hours listening to her moan and things I would rather not be around.

Girl B: She killed off Girl A's crappy engagement by making the guy feel like Girl A was telling everyone their problems. Girl B is friends with him, hears everything on both sides and went off on him after Girl A broke down on her. Girl A hates Girl B because of this. Girl B always wants me over to massage her. She cares little about personal feelings and tells me everything in her life. I think she was going to give me a chance to have sex with her but because I was in a hurry the day she chose because she went out and got drunk I just said to hell with it. She hasn't talked to me since.

Girl C and D are firends of Girl A and while both are cute both have BFs, though girl C flirts with me like crazy. THey are around ever so often. They also get a lot of massages.

Girl M: She is the one who me. She used her "i'm broken" line for a few weeks straight until I finally went ahead and did something I didn;t want. Now all she ever wants me for is sex or to take her to her house after work, where she wants sex. Sex with her is boring and not fun at all. She doesn't react, she's good and frankly she smells. But so far she is the only one willing in my area to do anything sexual with me.

All but Girl B wanted me to go over today. In fact Girl A exspects me to call soon, GIrl M is talking to me now begging me to come over and Girl C and D are with Girl A and asking me to come over.

How the hell do I get into these situations?

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