A man enjoying all there is in Houston: Breast sizes  

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10/16/2005 8:36 am

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A man enjoying all there is in Houston: Breast sizes

While I am realitively new to sex I have doen foreplay since I was 8 years old. Kinda didn't know what I was doing but that's beside the point.
So you could see I have had a lot of exp. with breasts of all sizes. Frankly I love breasts and have on occasion gotten a woman off just by playing with them. But as it would summarise each breast is different when playing and each reaction is different but for the most part each increase in size is accompained by similar responses to foreplay.

Not there to A's: I like these alot, they are very sensitive and usually the most reactive. I can tease them slowly without hitting the nipple and some whimper then when I hit the nipple just a single flick they spasam. Having a writhing female in your arms is wonderful. Oh yea, I can suck almost the whole breast, so a girl gets really loud when my mouth comes to play.

B's to C's: These I find the most beautiful, in fact one of my ex's she had the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. These tend to be slow at first then grow to the response but usually remain very mellow through foreplay. C's are a handfull for me, which is damn sexy to me and turns me on to no end.

D's to E's: These I actually have the most exp. with, and have learned over time that while it takes alot to get the nipples hard and the girl really enjoying it they care just as while as the A cup girls. In fact this is where most of the girls I play with their breasts orgasm are, in this size range.

F's+: I have only had foreplay with one 36FF, all natural. I've never experienced anything bigger. She was so responsive she got a little too wild and kicked me when she came with me flicking her nipples. I didn't mind it was fucking hot watching her scream like that. I once talked to a girl who supposedly had JJ's but sadly I never got to meet. I love getting behind the woman and let her lay against me as I cup these big breasts, playing with them like the might, having them moan and push against me like that. It's fucking turns me on to the point I want to fuck them from behind like that, my hands on their breasts, them against me moaning and groaning how much they love it.

Aheh... sorry, got carried away. While I love smaller breasts I don't hate larger ones, it would just be my prefrence about smaller the better.

If any of this you feel is wrong please feel free to prove me wrong. Perhaps ladies, if live in the area maybe, you can help me learn some more, prove me wrong in person.

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11/29/2005 11:54 pm

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