Train encounter-4  

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Train encounter-4

The penis in my pussy stayed still until I had recovered a little and then commenced pummelling into me once more. I was taking the full length inside me with each lunge. My bottom was trying to meet him each time to get him deeper and deeper.

The cock in my mouth was still leaking pre-cum but didn't seem ready to explode fully.

I let the cock slurp from my lips momentarily and shouted, "Harder, fuck me harder."

My mouth was soon full again as my pussy started to convulse and tighten on the invading penis. The young man moaned as I came for a second time and then he lost control. I felt his rod expand and then shudder. He pulled out of me and I felt spurts of hot , sticky liquid pump over my bottom and back.

"Let me at her," said the older man and I was pushed roughly to the floor. I lay on my back, my knees bent, legs apart.

My vagina was open but was soon filled. I screamed out as the large cock was pushed hard into me. It would have hurt if I hadn't have been so wet. The thick girth of his penis was stretching me but it felt so good - painful in a way, but pleasurable in another.

I wrapped my legs around the waist of my invader but he wasn't satisfied with this. He withdrew and pushed my legs back over my chest. Being supple my feet were touching the floor either side of my head. My cunt was flowing with juices. I could feel them running down my bottom and onto the floor, a veritable flood.

The cock was back in me and, because of the angle, was now getting much deeper inside, a real womb banger. I was so sexually aroused I could have taken anything. I was a sexual animal, screaming for him to fill me up. I came again, my tits tingling as I did so, my tummy rippling with pleasure.

The older man grunted, pulled out of my streaming pussy and propelled his sperm all over my aching nipples. He was pushing so hard on my legs that it was now painful. He rolled off me and I was able to return my legs to their rightful position.

I was still hot. I wanted more and started to touch my cunt. My fingers settled on my swollen clit and I virtually wanked it's length until I shuddered to a further orgasm. I opened my eyes and there I was, completely alone, covered in spunk and my pussy gaping open.

I was shaking with emotion. What had happened?

I stood up, feeling wobbly and uncertain and put on my dress. I didn't bother with my bra or thong. I used the thong to try and clean my thighs and stomach and I fixed my make-up and hair as best as possible

Eventually I made my way to the Underground station. It was now late, the rush hour was over. I sat on a vacant seat. A nearby man looked at my chest area and could, no doubt, make out the shape of my still erect nipples.

When I reached my station I made my way to my car and got inside. The leather seats and air conditioning cooled my body. I was so glad when I finally arrived home.

I unlocked my front door.

"Surprise! Hello love. I got back early."

It was my husband.

"How was your day at college?" he continued, "Actually you look quite tired."

"Yes, I do feel a bit shagged out ..."

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