Train encounter-3  

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Train encounter-3

The next day I made my way to the college in a now familiar routine. I was wearing something different though. I had on a dress that was very thin, though not see through. It was navy blue in colour so still looked business like. The difference was that the shiny inside stimulated my skin.

I got through my talk with the students and was finished earlier than usual. I could therefore have caught an earlier train home - but I didn't. The college had given me a small office to use. It was completely private and had a lock on the door.

Inside the office I was getting second thoughts about my rendezvous. It was crazy to meet some young guy and get groped on a train. What on earth was I thinking of? But there again ...

I undid my dress which opened all the way down the front with buttons, and slipped off my thong. And then, with shaking hands, I slipped off the dress to undo and remove my bra.

When I put the dress back on the material stirred my nipples and they pressed through the thinness.

"No I can't do this," I murmured.

I stood in front of the window and looked at the traffic rushing by below. My body was on fire. I wanted to be a slut, but what if someone saw? I had my respectable personae to protect. I was lost in my thoughts, oblivious to anything else.

A voice behind me said, "Don't turn round."

I thought I must be hallucinating, it was the young man. I must be going mad.

"Don't move. I knew you wouldn't meet me today, so I came to you. I knew you'd be scared."

The voice was real, this was all happening. His hands were on my hips, just like on the train, and I could feel the hardness of his penis through my thin dress.

No this couldn't be.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in? No, don't ... please ... leave me alone ..."

His hands were now kneading my bottom and it felt so good, my heart was thumping loud in my ears, I felt sick and frightened. He was going to me. "No, it wouldn't be ," I argued with myself, "I want to be fucked."

"I work here, I'm the assistant caretaker at the college. That's how I got into the office, I have the spare key. Don't say anything else ..."

He lifted the hem of my dress and slowly, tantalisingly slowly, exposed my bottom, his hands moving to feel the firmness of my buttocks. I sighed and felt my legs almost collapse with the pleasure.

"No, no ... don't," I groaned.

There was then another voice. "They've all gone now."

"Oh God, no. Who's that? What are you going to do? I've got to go ..."

I turned slightly. The other man was the Head of Business Studies at the college. I'd met him earlier, a heavy built man of about fifty.

"I told you she was hot," the young man said, "Just look at her backside, it's amazing. I love these posh bitches."

With that his hands went around my waist and he started to undo the buttons on my dress, his erection pushing against my bottom.

"Fucking hell, look at the tits on her, and those nipples. She's desperate for it."

The dress was pulled from my shoulders and I was standing naked, other than for my shoes. I didn't have the energy to fight and, in truth, I didn't want to.

They told me to turn round and face them both, and I did so. The young man had dropped his trousers and underwear and his penis was standing to attention, red and raw looking. It wasn't extra big, just normal size, but it looked angry and throbbing.

He moved towards me while taking off his shirt and was also now naked, his body firm and youthful. A thing of beauty. I reached out my trembling hand to touch his cock. I needed to feel the hardness. As I lightly made contact his penis shook and a fountain of spunk hit my arm and stomach as he ejaculated again and again. The amount of fluid took me by surprise and I just stood still watching as the cream trickled over my tummy.

"Don't worry," he said with a big grin, "I can soon cum again."

The other man stood watching, his penis in hand.

The young man started to suck on my right nipple and I shivered with pleasure. He sucked harder and harder, until I felt I would cum, but he allowed my tit to flop out of his mouth, wet with his saliva.

The older man was now completely erect, his cock very big and thick.

"Suck it slut," he ordered.

All inhibitions now gone I dropped to my knees, opened my mouth willingly and licked his cock. It was definitely extra big and so were his balls. I cupped them in both hands as I tried to force the bulbous head of his cock into my mouth. I sucked and nibbled as best as I could and tasted his pre-cum. I licked the smooth head as more transparent liquid oozed from his slit.

The young man was now behind me.

"Stand up and then bend over so you can still suck his cock."

I did as instructed. My mouth was latched onto the older man's cock and I was bent over, with my legs spread. I wanted some attention to my cunt. I hoped the young man would take the hint, my inner thighs were running with my juices.

I felt a cock, a hard cock against my bottom. He was erect again. I hoped he wasn't going to stick it in my arse. I wanted him deep in my cunt. I needn't have worried, I felt a nudging at my pussy entrance and I moved one hand to guide him into me.

He pushed on his cock and was fully inside me, my over lubricated cunt offering no resistance.

I almost choked on the penis I was sucking as the young man started fucking me hard. Each thrust seemed to push the other cock deeper in my mouth. I came quickly and noisily, as spasms racked my cunt.

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