Monday June 12th, 2006  

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6/12/2006 3:38 pm

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Monday June 12th, 2006

Well since this is my first blog post I'll give you information about me.

First off my first name isn't Lance, its mark. I started using Icy_Lance back in the day when I used to play a lot of video games. I'm 19 of course but my birthday is in another month. I was born here in Ontario, in Ajax. I have English, Irish, Scottish, German, and Canadian in my blood. I never grew up around many children and spent my time chatting with adults at the local coffee shop and such. That might be one of the reasons that I am more mature than alot of people I know.

I've just got my own place and everything is good, its a two bedroom basement apartment that I share with my best friend. He is also on this site but he does not want his name placed on my blogs because he is not looking for anyone at the moment. I am able to host sometimes, but prefer not too because of my landlord upstairs.

I also have two jobs, one during the day, and one at night. During the day I work for a company called Megaflex Fire Protection ( ) What I do is quite simple. I install, inspect, and service life safety devices such as: fire alarm systems, fire suppression sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, fire extinguisher, emergency lighting units, kitchen suppression systems. I also review and create fire saftey plans for large and small companies.

My night job isnt an everyday thing, once to three times a week, I run the kareoke at my local bar. Its more of a pleasurable work experiance then anything else, and if you would like to check it out feel free to email me and I'll give you directions.

Anyway, its time for the current news.

Last month my uncle committed suicide and I have taken almost the entire time off of my day job. This is because my family and I are trying to fix up the house so that it is back up to market value. A lot of money and work is being pushed into this house and its coming out of my fathers pocket. This is because the banks and insurance companies havent released the balance of his accounts to use, it usually takes about a month or two depending on the person's insurance. Yea so anyway, we've ripped down alot of walls and pulled up alot of carpets.

Today I was tearing down the basement walls and flooring. It was hard because we are trying to save as much plywood and lumber that we can for future use. Everyone is stressed out because of how long it is taking and how much longer it may take. My stress is from the time I have to take off work, its taking its toll on me because my account ballance is dropping rapidly due to no work and my bills. I'll survive, that I know, but I just have to budget myself alot more. So I spend my day there and then I come home to relax and spend time on my computer.

Well thats it for today, I know its big but it wont be as big tomorrow.

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6/12/2006 4:09 pm

Hey Mark,

Welcome to blog-ville. Have fun, good luck.


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6/12/2006 8:01 pm

Welcome to the blogs!

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