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Master walks into the dark room where his girl sleeps.

Girl pretends to stay sleeping...

Master feels girls curves up and won and slowly spreads her legs apart... then ties them to the bedpoles

Master squeezes and plays with girls tits with one hand while the other hand just strokes Girl with one finger, his finger lightly caressing her abs and then her inner thighs

Girl holds back the temptation to open her mouth as Master's finger pats her sweet pussy

Suddenly, Master thrusts his cock inside of her

Girl moans as he enters her powerfully

Master fucks her as though to let her cum but stops as he feels her pussy tighten around his shaft and more moans escaping her lips

Girl whimpers as his cock slides out of her

Girl feels Masters lips on her tits, then neck, and cheek, and her ear. Master's hot breath makes girls body quiver

"Be the good little pet you are and keep quiet...Don't even think of squirming.."

Girl whimpers
"Yes my master..as you please"

Master slaps Girl's glistening wet pussy hard a few times

Girl bites her lips

Master continues to torture girl with his teasing, as he knows she is soaking wet. Master feels her pussy with his fingers.

"Mmm... good girl... you are so wet for me.."

Girl whimpers in reply

Master licks and kisses her ear as he slides a finger inside of girl

girl bites her lip so hard it bleeds..Master licks the blood off of her lips and then inserts another finger into her pussy

Girls cheeks are hot with self control

"Good.. yes...."
"You are such a good girl...."
Master inserts and 3rd finger and begins fingering her faster to reward her

Girl cannot take it... she moans loudly

Master slides his fingers out slowly
"My pet... must you be reminded? THere is no sound to be heard from you."
Master pinches her soft, round ass
"Tsk tsk tsk.. you whore..
You dirty little whore..."

Girl whimpers
"Master I love you! I love you so much, please... please, master forgive me..."

"Nuh uh... begging will not make up for your naughty behaviour tonight..."

Master unties her legs and sees that there is a puddle of girls precum on the bed

"Get on all fours..NOW"

Girl whimpers but does as she is told

Girls ass is firm and luscious, and secretly, loves to be spanked from her master... but Master does not spank her, oh no...
Master spreads her cheeks and licks her hole up and down

Masters tongue slides to girls pussy, and then he slides it deep inside of her. Then he gets up and thrusts his shaft into girls pussy from behind. then he rams it into her asshole

Girl struggles to keep quiet as his shaft fucks her... the pleasure and instense pain grows stronger with each thrust

"You love it, whore."

Masters thrusts begin to get harder and his cock goes deeper into her.


"I love it master..i love it"
Girls voice comes out in a whimper

Master continues fucking and teasing Girl for hours..

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3/22/2007 7:51 pm


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