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2/21/2006 3:12 pm

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Starting Over

I had this in my original blog, but it was too hard to read with the run on paragraph deal. Hopefully this will look a lot better and read easier.

I'm a recently divorced guy, just turned 44. Seems to be a lot of pitfalls now that I'm single again. It's kind of like comedian Kevin Brennan said, "When you're single... you think, 'Man, I wish I had a girlfriend.... Then you get one, and you say, 'Oh yeah, that's right!"

There's a lot of pitfalls when you get to be 44 and are looking to go out. It's as if a switch was turned off when I hit 40. Women on line will talk to me, usually laughing about something goofy I said. And they'll say, "You're funny! Age?" ... I don't lie. I tell 'em. Then they say "WOW!" and sign off. It's as if when I hit 40, I suddenly went from being an attractive young man to Quasimodo!

Nevertheless, when I actually meet women in "real life", they're usually surprised to see that I look fairly young for my age. I'm sure I could pass for 43...

This summer I dated a 25 year old woman. Maybe dated is the wrong word. We sort of hung out. We had great conversations and sometimes would fool around. She told me that she wasn't looking for any kind of commitment. It figures... I was really starting to dig her. We're still friends, but we don't hang out like we did.

So, you ask, where's Ian going with all this? Does he have a point? If so, is it a big point?

My point, if I have one, is that it's hard for a decent guy of my age to find someone that he really clicks with. I think it's hard at any age, but I think it's harder as you get older. Women start judging you by a number rather than your personality, looks, or even your outlook on life.

My dad told me, "Son, there's more women out there than you can shake a stick at." Does that work? The stick shaking? Does the stick have to be any certain size? Can you get arrested for shaking your stick excessively in public? Why didn't they teach us that in school?

The differences between men and women is a little scary. We're like movie monsters. Men are like Frankenstein. They go to be Frankenstein and they wake up Frankenstein. They're always in the same state of being. Women are more complex. Women are like the Wolf-man. They're not always the Wolf-man. Sometimes they are, sometimes they're not. And once a month, they want to kill anything that looks at them wrong. And we men don't know when that is! So we have to arm ourselves like Van Helsing, except with chocolate and Extra Strength Midol.

Despite all that, the quest goes on. I'm beginning to think the fun in the journey, not necessarily reaching the destination.

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