The Doctor  

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The Doctor

*** THE DOCTOR ***
I arrive for my yearly physical, I always use a female doctor
as I just feel more comfortable.

You know the normal stuff. blood pressure, reflexed, some
blood work and stuff... she asks if I've been having
any problems that I would like to discuss. I told her no I
feel pretty good... She suggests that I strip down so that
she can check me for skin cancers since I do live in Arizona
and the sun is burtal here as we all know. I comply with the
request.. I can tell she is impressed with my body and uses
her stethcope to check my heart and breathing, but curously
she touches me different her hand is flat on my chest and
back and she lingers her fingers after.. she palpaulates
my chest and moves her hand all over my skin... she smiles
as she touches me saying that I have such nice soft skin ...
she asks me to lie on my back so she can check for herina's..
she is pressing on my stomache and moving around lower and
lower .. her arm rubs up against my thick un cut cock... she
smiles and says boy that thing could really get in the way
of a examination .. your pretty well build from what I've
seen.. she mentions that it's pretty warm in the room
and removes her white coat.. she has on this really nice
short halter top that is cut just below her breast line..
and with me lieing on the table I can see up under the top to
her very ample and firm breasts..
she apoligezs for the next part of her examination and that
she will be as deliciate as possible, but she needs to check
my prostate... she suggests that I lift one leg back to my
chest as she does the procedure... i feel her hand cressing
my ass as she moves closer to her goal.. but she rubs her fingers
all around like a massage. with her other hand she lifts
up my sack and I feel a finger enter my ass... she moves in
slow .. and starts to examine or explore.. her finger is
moving in and out slowly but deeply.. it feels very good..
and I notice that she is licking her lips as she does this..
she bends over a little to see and check for something and
her breasts pop out of the small halter top and she presses
down with them on my chest.. her warm skin touches mine..
she moans a little , , hmmmmmmmmm I her her say.. she asks
are you all right? I say oh god yes.... at that point.. she
takes her hand and lifts my cock up and squeezes it .. looking
at it mentioning that I have a wonderfull forskin and that
she loves a mans forskin covering.. she slides down the
skin to look at my head... my cock head of course.. and well
can you guess by this time I am rock solid hard.. she says
my you do have a good blood flow... I have forgotten she is
still finger fucking my ass.. she says do I have any problems
having an orgasm.. I say not at all expecially if you keep
that up... and without a second thought she takes my cock
whole down her throat in one movement... well that did it..
the hot wet mouth and the unexpected event make me let go..
I pumped at least 7 or 8 big juicy streams into her mouth....
she didn't miss a drop...
She gets a warm towell from the cupboard and cleans me up
.. and suggests that I should come back very soon for another
check up...

Belive me I booked another appointmet for the very next
month... but next time I am going to do some examining of
my own....

I have many fantasys. and would love to find a woman that
would love to help act them out... I am very discreet...

Write soon.. I hope you enjoy this story and let me know what
you think.. if you have a topic you would like me to write
a story on let me know and if you want to be in my story as a reality..

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