Today's Losing Contestant is. . .  

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8/10/2006 10:28 am

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Today's Losing Contestant is. . .

Well, no names. Remember how sweet and compassionate I am in that regard?

My day is off to a busier than usual start, so I just "quick replied" this troll and blocked his user name.

"hm , nice belt like to warm your amble ass with that belt yes indeed i would ... "

Amble ass.

Interesting turn of phrase. If it weren't such a ridiculous typo, it might even be poetic. But Mr. I'm-Fucking-Around-On-My-Wife-Because-I'm-Nothing-More-Than-A-Meat-Sack-of-Sub-Human-Waste somehow doesn't come across as Byronic.

>>heavy sigh<<

For every ONE decent email I get on this site, I receive 25 just like the above--or, ghastly enough, worse.

For those three gents who've approached me with wit, humor and respect:


Perhaps it's for the best that 97% of the men on this site are. . .how can I say this politely. . .not for me. With two new writing contracts coming up and only 2 months left to deliver my current manuscript to the agents. . .not a lot of time to waste on men who'd treat me with the same lack of compassion and respect afforded me by Toad of Darkness (who actually still is on this site, Hepatitis C, no-condoms and all ).

Speaking of Toad of Darkness. . .

I came across his profile by accident last night and instantly felt nauseous. Still active. Still out to spread his disease all the while claiming he's drug and disease free and. . .still, you women buy into his BS and let him bang you without protection. He's even had some woman--not the idiot he's currently living with--say if she weren't already married she's snap him up in an instant.

Obviously she doesn't know why the Navy invited him to retire--adultery is a felony, as is wife beating and reckless endangerment, i.e. having a terminal illness such as AIDS or Hep C and failing to use protection. I'm thinking about posting the emergency room photos the police took of my bruised, battered, bitten and bleeding body. Those speak volumes. Or the court transcript where he admitted doing it, but used the defense "she likes rough sex." He probably even convinced himself of that.

The human ability to self-delude is phenomenal.

He can afford to be a gold member on this site, but he can't afford a new envelope or a 39 cent stamp for the pitiful spousal support check he sends once a month. I get a form letter (think: IRS debtor letter), stuffed into a used envelope (a couple of them were addressed to his divorce lawyer before he stuck on a dirty label with my name scrawled upon it. . .charming, as always), and slathered with 5-7 stamps to add up to the required postage.

Passive-aggressive much or anything?

Actually, if he knew what a laugh I get out of his ludicrous stunts, he'd stop. But, if that's what he needs to pretend he's a man. Fine. As I've said previously, Faithful Readers, I praise God singing and dancing every morning I awake to find myself still free from this dangerous abuser. And funny how my cats are all happy and healthy now that they are away from him, too.

Ah, life. Ever the adventure, isn't it?

I've said it before. God is the master of mysteries and writes our autobiographies with a massive pen filled with nothing but irony for ink.

I'll send him an autographed copy of the latest novel once it comes out. . .since success is, after all, the best revenge.

And these men who daily prove their inability to read, and even their lack of respect for women, are beginning to amuse me more and more. I work hard, but very seldom have the time to play hard. I can use all the laughs I can get!

Until the next installment of our Adventures of Boobs and Brains in Print. . .it's back to the depths of the grotto for me. . .

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