Today's Jackpot Loser is. . .  

IamWetFire 52F
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8/13/2006 2:46 pm

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9/21/2006 10:25 pm

Today's Jackpot Loser is. . .

Holy straitjackets, Batman! Idiocy abounds and it knows my email address!
Here we have the perfect example of a dick without a man or even a brain attached to it.

Here is the extent of his first (and only) email:

"LOve to meet and play with those gorgeously looking set of tits and eat you too."

It even came complete with a prize: yet another penis photo. That one matched the half dozen he has with his profile. WTF?

Was this the only toy his mommy ever gave him. And is that why he felt irresistibly compelled to share so very many images of it with us all?

Johnny Pardo. . .the going away gift please. . .

"Gee, should I applaud now? Is this your official entry into the "Stupid Man Tricks" contest?

You've managed to break nearly every single one of my DON'Ts. Every one if you're lying about your marital status.

Penis photos. Ambiguous sexual orientation. More penis photos. The RED X under body type. Ludicrous, typo-laden proposition email with yet another penis photo attached.

When will the idiocy stop?

I guess you're just the stupid jackpot winner of the day.

Try reading a woman's profile next time. You've just proven my long-held theory about men:

Add tits: instant jackass.

Obviously, this one didn't read my carefully placed blog-promotion in my profile either. He would've known better than to contact me as he did. . .because he'd wind up here. . .eviscerated in print for his stupidity.

Listen jackasses: you RUIN it for the real men on this site with your assholic antics. If you can't read instructions and follow directions, beat your own meat and leave the rest of us actually trying to make some sort of meaningful connection ALONE!!!

I've managed to receive several very nice and polite emails, blog comments, etc. by the end of my first week back on AdultFriendFinder. The rest have been this same sort of effluvium. If you wonder why women don't respond or come back on you like bitches from hell. . .this is why.

Fire. . .who has officially retaken and reclaimed possession of her own cunt. . .signing off from the grotto. . .

rm_aboutme66 51F
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8/13/2006 3:30 pm

we should be thankful they send bad emails, it gives us something to laugh at every day. And yes we all get them , and yes some of us blog them to poke some fun at them. Ya got to love it and and laugh about it cause the law says we can't shoot them just for being stupid.
And so it goes ......come on down and you can be the next contestant on the "Stupid Man Tricks" contest.

Someday is today.

IamWetFire 52F

8/13/2006 9:19 pm

I know what you mean, sweetie. We just have to laugh at them. Obviously they can't help themselves!

As I've said about Toad of Darkness--and jackasses in general--you can't live with them and you can't burn them because they'd stink up the place!

Thanks for dropping into the grotto!

TheOracle2006 105F

8/16/2006 11:20 pm

I want to have a tea party where all the women bring their laptops and share this week's funniest asshole. Who knows... we might even have some in common...

Cheers Again Baby!

L'Oracle de L'Amour


I need to stop this tonight and go dancing!

Hi again

IamWetFire 52F

8/16/2006 11:31 pm

We--those of us who've been the lucky recipients of these jackass-flavored come-ons--should actually collaborate on a book. Another of those "Why my vibrator is better than any man" coffee table books! Each chapter would be about a different entry into the Stupid Man Tricks Contest.

Dance for me, lovely Oracle! I am, instead, going to bed with my cats and a good book.

keithcancook 60M
17718 posts
9/21/2006 5:43 pm


Oh well, whaddaya gonna do...

IamWetFire 52F

9/21/2006 10:25 pm

I know. . .they're at least good for a laugh if nothing else.

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